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Un Coup de Des: Volcan Evaporado (Creative Sources)


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product information:

UPC: 5609063404517

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs451
Squidco Product Code: 24273

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Stateroom Studios in October 2016


Lali Barriere-amplified objects

Marta Sainz-voice

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track listing:

1. I 25:02

2. II 11:30
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Artist Biographies:

lali barrière :: about

Academic page:

"ali Barrière, Barcelona (Catalonia).

Creative coder, musician and Mathematician, she combines her artistic activity with teaching Mathematics, creative programming and research.

As a Mathematician, she is a Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Her recent research her research on the relationship between art, mathematics and techology, and works on the creative use of information and communication technologies, recently, and in the fields of graph theory, communication algorithms and combinatorial geometry, in the past years. She is interested in music and visual arts, which led her to apply her mathematical knowledge to the creative use of programming. Besides Mathematics, she also taught Creative programming and Music and Mathematics. She also has collaborated in the Master on Sound Art of the Fine Arts School at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Active in the scene of free improvisation in Barcelona. Works with acustic and amplified objects, electronic devices, field recordings and programming, with a minimalistic approach.

Her current projects are: solo project, A=B, with Ferran Fages, blaast, with Alfredo Costa Monteiro, and Un coup de dés, with Marta Sainz. She also collaborates, or has collaborated, with other improvisers as Olga Ábalos, Ruth Barberán, Tom Chant, Miguel Angel García, Tomás Gris, Xavier Lopez, Eduard Màrquez, Héctor Rey, Tom Soloveitzik, Nuno Rebelo, Josema Urós, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, Artur Vidal.

Festivals she participated in: Sónar (Barcelona, 2003), insolit music forum (L'Hospitalet, 2003), LEM (Barcelona, 2004, 2010, and 2015), bouesia (Deltebre, 2009), zarata fest (Bilbao, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015), festival audio tangente (Burgos, 2011), com a mínim (Barcelona, 2011), curtcircuit fest (Barcelona, 2012), personal-collective (Madrid, 2012). With Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Ruth Barberán, she organized the improvisers meeting bestiario (Barcelona, 2012).

Collaboration, composition, performance:

Performer in the world premiere of Filament, a graphical score by Ferran Fages (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, 2014).
Realisation of Architectural Model Making, a graphical score by Sarah Hughes (online project of another timbre, 2014).
Performer: cartridge music, by John Cage, (CASM, Barcelona 2012).
Composition: zona franca (2012).
As a member of Ferran Fages Ensemble, programming in Pure Data and performer of radi d'or, versió per a ensemble (2011).
Performer: in C, by Terry Riley (Festival Bouesia, Deltebre 2009).
Member of the experimental rock band Pad (2003 to 2009).

creative programming

Since 2008 she is interested in creative applications of programming. Likes and uses Processing in her visual projects, a tool that also allows her to explore the use of Mathematics in creation and how artists can learn programming, as well as to approach creative work to engineers. She also use to program in Pure Data.

She has taught workshops and courses at lefreak (2008), circuit torçat (2011), taller tramuntana (2012), Departament de Formació de TV3 (2012), Fine Arts School of the Universitat de Barcelona (2013), Fine Arts School of the Universdad Complutense de Madrid (2014), and the course Processing: programming images, animation and interaction at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2008 i 2011). She organized the meetings ProcessingBCN (Hangar, Barcelona, 2009), with Alba G. Corral, and ProcessingInteract (Hangar, Barcelona, 2010), with Oriol Aragonès.

-Lali Barriere Website (

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"Sound research has led Marta Sainz to develop her work not only with voice, the practice of butoh dance has also been instrumental in her quest for "chaos".

Her sound proposal is based on non-idiomatic improvisation, extended techniques and indeterminacy.

Through the voice and the body, she refers us to elements of German expressionism and to the theater of cruelty of Artaud, with it seeks an emotional shock of the viewer with their own experiences, without tHer means that content and performance have a concrete meaning or intentional in itself.

Besides the voice uses instruments like the dam-bau, the bass, objects ...

At present, she combines her solo project with various contemporary music, noise, free improvisation, primitivism .... both acoustic and electronic.

She has performed in MEM (Nazioarteko Arte Esperimental in Jaialdia), Black-In-Wait London, Zarata Fest Bilbao / Madrid, Del Sol St. Art Gallery, Espace CRUCE, La FaenaII, La Tirana Malas Artes, "Oir Arte", CIVIC Center CAN FELIPA, C'est La Vie, Reina Sofia National Museum of Art, Luis Adelantado Gallery, iKlectik Art Lab London, Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid, etc.

She has collaborated with Miguel A. Garcia (Xedh), Jean Françoise Laporte, Marcio Mattos, Seijiro Murayama, Fukuoka Rinji, Lali Barrière, Javier Piñango, Gina Southgate, Rick Jensen, Illi Adato, Maryah Marymotto, Wade Matthews, Krapoola, Michel Henritzi, David Paredes, If, Bwana, Roberto Bellatalla, Guillermo Torres, Antonia Funes, Mark E. Miller, Mattin, Tomás Gris, Rosalind Hall, Maya Blowing, Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova, Carlos Costa, Ferran Fages ... among others.

She directs and commissioned SDR Santander Sound Art Exhibition (2008/2010), together with the Greek artist ILIOS.

Since 2016, she is part of the group GRUPO DE RESISTENCIA SONORA DE MADRID."

-Marta Sainz Website (Translated by Google) (

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