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Mauricio Kagel's 1970s avant cinema film "Ludwig Van" about Beethoven's music, is reinterpreted by pianist Frederic Blondy and turntablist DJ Lenar, improvising at Zacheta National Gallery of Art, in Warsaw, Poland, 2011, and assembled in studio.

Blondy, Frederic & DJ Lenar
play Mauricio Kagel Ludwig van

Blondy, Frederic  & DJ Lenar: play Mauricio Kagel Ludwig van (Bolt)

Label: Bolt    
Released in: Poland    

"The music contains quotes of soundtracks to movies Land des Schweigens und der Dunkelheit by Werner Herzog (15, 16), Ludwig van by Mauricio Kagel (1-3, 7, 10, 14, 16, 17), the performance of Ludwig van by Alexandre Tharaud (1, 17), the lecture with performance by Alfred Cortot (17). And snippets of sounds by Lê Quan Ninh (percussions, 15, 16), Sabina Meyer (voice, 16), Mikolaj Palosz (cello, 16), Dagna Sadkowska (violin, 16) and Ingar Zach (percussions, 15). And millions of other sounds that have their authors unknown to us."-Bolt

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Product Information:

Label: Bolt
Catalog ID: BR POP02
Squidco Product Code: 19001

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: Poland
Packaging: Cardstock 3 page foldover eco wallet
Recorded in Zacheta National Gallery of Art, in Warsaw, Poland, on the April 19th, 2011, by Zosia Morus.


Frederic Blondy-piano

DJ Lenar-turntable

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Track Listing:

1. The Key. A Shattering Story Of Otto Tomek And His Companions (Musicologists) 2:55

2. The Table. Old, Exotic And Electric 2:53

3. The Locker. Him With Anecdotes 1:09

4. The Wall. One Page May 0:30

5. The Treadle. Edited Without Sound 1:04

6. The Stand. Without Destroying His Property 1:34

7. The Movie. Beethoven Is Modern 0:10

8. The Chair. Not A Rumba (Cuban) 0:18

9. The Needle. Whole As Well As Speed 2:46

10. The Window. Enhancing Banality Or Pedestrian Allusions 1:30

11. The Angel.Beethoven House Invented At Liberty 5:19

12. The Chair. Not A Rumba (Catalan) 0:18

13. The Frame. At Each Blur 2:28

14. The Movie. Spectator Beethoven (Bamsterdam) 1:24

15. The Deaf. Abolition By No Means 1:24

16. The Wheel. Opportunity To Execute 3:30

17. The Board. Largo In D Minor From The Fifth Piano Trio, Op. 70 No. 1 In D Major 2:52