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Kang, Eyind

Alastor: The Book Of Angels Volume 21

Kang, Eyind: Alastor: The Book Of Angels Volume 21 (Tzadik)

The 21st volume in John Zorn's Book of Angels presents 10 Masada arrangements from Eyvind Kang, performing on a variety of strings & keys, with a modern orchestra and unusual orchestration to create a lyrical and unique vision of Zorn's work.

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product information:

UPC: 702397831624

Label: Tzadik
Catalog ID: TZA-CD-8316
Squidco Product Code: 18978

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded at Avast in Seattle, Washington by Randall Dunn, and at Eastside Sound in New York City by Marc Urselli.


Eyvind Kang-electric bass, guitars, janggu, kacapi, kemancheh, korg synth, moog synth, oud, percussion, piano, setar, sitar, viola, violin, voice

Shahzad Ismaily-bass

Skerik-tenor sax

Hans Teuber-clarinets, flutes, tenor sax

Cuong Vu-trumpet

Dave Abramson-drums, percussion

Emma Ashbrook-bassoon

Josiah Boothby-french horn

Tor Dietrichson-bongo, conga, clave, guiro, tabla, triangle

Maya Dunietz-voice

Randall Dunn-moog synth, voice

Hidayat Honari-tar

Taina Karr-English Horn, oboe

Jessika Kenney-voice

Moriah Neils-bass

Hyeonhee Park-janggu, kkwaenggwari

Soyeon Park-geomungo

William Smith-cello

JungAh Song-gayageum

Maria Scherer Wilson-cello

Jacob Yackshaw-bass

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track listing:

1. Hakem 5:37

2. Samchia 3:49

3. Hakha 3:18

4. Jetrel 5:32

5. Variel 4:12

6. Loquel 3:15

7. Rachiel 3:49

8. Barael 3:22

9. Sakriel 7:08

10. Uriron 4:42

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Improvised Music
NY Downtown & Jazz/Improv
Zorn. John
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"World traveler, nomad, mystic and violist, Eyvind Kang has created several of the most wildly creative CDs on Tzadik. Here he turns his hand to ten tunes from Zorn's remarkable Book of Angels. Featuring spectacular orchestral arrangements and brilliant studio techniques, Eyvind has put together a CD unlike anything on the Angels series, highlighting the spiritual side of the Angels project, the singular lyricism of Zorn's compositions and his own richly inventive musical imagination. One of the most personal and gorgeous installments in the Masada series, Alastor is a modern orchestral reading of the mystical charts from the Book of Angels."-Tzadik

Artist Biographies:

"Eyvindur (Eyvind) Kang (born 23 June 1971 in Corvallis, Oregon, United States) is a composer and violist. He was raised in Canada and the United States, and has since lived and worked in countries ranging from Italy to Iceland.

A recurring theme in his solo work is the "NADE", the meaning of which Kang is not willing to disclose. Referring titles include "Theme from the first NADE", "5th NADE/Invisible Man", "Theme from the sixth NADE" (all three from the debut album 7 NADEs, 1996); "Jewel of the NADE", "Mystic NADE" (both from Theater of Mineral NADEs, 1998) and "Harbour of the NADE" (Virginal Co-ordinates, 2003). His preferred instrument is the viola.

In 2014 Kang visited Vossajazz in western Norway, for a gig with Bill Frisell's trio Beautiful Dreamers, including with drummer Rudy Royston, for the opening concert. During the concert Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen joined in for a tune."

-Wikipedia (

"Jessika Kenney is unwinding and nourishing a harbor of voices. As a filter for sphygmoresonances, be they in forms of language or indecipherable metonymics, this functioning as process frequently manifests as: the intersection of melodic science (radifs, cengkok, unstable svaras, pulses) with the aural and textual transmissions of translated concepts... the sphygmological space between breathing bodies, canyons, and the asymmetrical harmonics of tuned metal... the exposure of first intention ontic wounds and corresponding temporal suturing.. as well as collective atemporal eversion between eras, iconicities, and untethered evolutions of cyclic inscriptions. She currently lives on Tataviam land near Los Angeles."

-Jessika Kenney Website (

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