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Moritz, Jonathan Trio: Secret Tempo (Hot Cup Records)

Secret Tempo juxtaposes NY saxophonist Jonathan Moritz' feel of jazz with elements of modern compositional and improvised music, from Bird to Webster, Webern to lowercase, as performed with his trio of bassist Shayna Dulberger and drummer Mike Pride.

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product information:

UPC: 700261383170

Label: Hot Cup Records
Catalog ID: HC126
Squidco Product Code: 17936

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardstock gatefold foldover
Recorded on February 12th, 2012 at the Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY.


Jonathan Moritz-tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone

Shayna Dulberger-upright bass

Mike Pride-drums, percussion

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track listing:

1. Medium 5:02

2. Fast 6:06

3. Ballad 7:32

4. Melody 5:23

5. Harmony 5:28

6. Rhythm 4:36

7. 7779 7:46
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Hot Cup Records is proud to announce the release of the debut album by Jonathan Moritz' Secret Tempo. This trio recording featuring the leader and composer on tenor and soprano saxophones, Shayna Dulberger on acoustic bass and Mike Pride on drums showcases this long-standing New York experimental jazz trio. Consisting of a suite of pieces composed to explore space, counterpoint, and interaction, Secret Tempo introduces audiences to a compelling New York ensemble."-Hot Cup Records

"Secret Tempo juxtaposes the feel of jazz with elements of modern classical music and free improvisation. My love for Bird's swing, Ben Webster's big tenor sound, the interaction in Webern's orchestral pieces, and the extended techniques of lowercase musicians forms the foundation of my music. This record consists of written music with a lot of room for improvisation. The trio either plays over chordal sequences or in a less structured way, with composed material serving as a starting and ending point.

The music is divided into three parts: tempos (Medium, Fast, Ballad), fundamentals (Melody, Harmony, Rhythm) and meter (7779). The tempo pieces adhere to structure and use compositional devices: chord changes, ritardando, accelerando, rubato, angular phrasing, breaks, fermatas and full trio hits to stretch the tune out and give an impression of abstraction. The second part of the album -- fundamentals -- features collective improvisation following written music. The trio focuses on playing in between each other's lines rather than layering textures on top of one another. Saxophone, bass and drums have equal importance in the creation of the melody, blurring their traditional roles. 7779 deals with the concept of ostinato. The longer sections of this composition allow the trio to rock out and push the groove into frenzied disintegration.

'Secret Tempo' refers to hearing invented tempos above the existing ones and playing off of and around them. It is the unspoken and emotional element that rises to the surface."-Jonathan Moritz

Get additional information at Jonathan Moritz website

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