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A musical theatre in 3 acts using texts, songs, free improvisation and compositional textures, "an evocation of the fusion between opposite forces-tight and flexible, male and female".

Hetu, Joane

Hetu, Joane: Filature (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Label: Ambiances Magnetiques    
Released in: Canada    

"In another life, before becoming a musician, Joane Hétu was a weaver. She has decided to pour her knowledge of yarn and loom into her latest composition, thus giving herself a new musical challenge. The strong and noble yarns of the warp interwoven with the light, silky, shimmering yarns of the weft provide the starting point of Filature, a musical allegory that unveils creative patterns combining music, dance, video art and lighting. Ever since Castor et compagnie, up to her Tryptique d'hiver until La femme territoire, composer/musician Joane Hétu has been treating us to texture-rich and flavourful works, sonic and literary boldness, flirty songs and sweet melodies. With Filature, she delivers a work that reaffirms her unique approach to music. It features musique actuelle, texts, songs, bruitist textures and free improvisation, all coloured by her trademark touch: an evocation of the fusion between opposite forces-tight and flexible, male and female." -Actuelle CD

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Product Information:

UPC: 771028120826

Label: Ambiances Magnetiques
Catalog ID: AM 208
Squidco Product Code: 15577

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: Canada
Packaging: Cardstock gatefold foldover
Recorded in Montreal, CA on March 16th, 17th and 18th, 2006 by Bernard Grenon.


Joane Hetu-alto saxophone, voice

Melanie Auclair-cello, voice

Guido Del Frabbo-violin, voice

Jean Derome-alto saxophone, flutes, voice

Claire Gignac-flutes, voice

Normand Guilbeault-double bass, voice

Diane Labrosse-sampler, voice

Danieele Palardy Roger-percussion, voice

Pieere Tanguay-drums, voice

Nemo Venba-trumpet, voice

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Track Listing:

1. Filature: Chaîne: Tisser Pour Toi 1: A 1:53

2. Filature: Chaîne: Chacun Son Fil 2:37

3. Filature: Chaîne: Lin / Filature: Chaîne: Tisser Pour Toi 1: B 3:30

4. Filature: Chaîne: Laine 6:15

5. Filature: Chaîne: Coton 2:08

6. Filature: Chaîne: Armure / Soie 2:25

7. Filature: Chaîne: Je Suis Solide 1 4:19

8. Filature: Trame: Rugueux / Soyeux / Vaporeux 2:55

9. Filature: Trame: Faire Tapisserie 1 1:08

10. Filature: Trame: Je Suis Si Cassante / Velours / Perlées 3:01

11. Filature: Trame: Fibres Inconnues / Bobinage 1:53

12. Filature: Trame: Tisser Pour Toi 2 / Ouateux 3:08

13. Filature: Trame: Bouclés / Texturés 2:18

14. Filature: Trame: Pelote 2:27

15. Filature: Trame: Laineux / Chiffonnés / Brillant 2:30

16. Filature: Trame: Fibre / Navette 2:47

17. Filature: Motif: Tisser Pour Toi 3: A 2:12

18. Filature: Motif: Faire Tapisserie 2 1:13

19. Filature: Motif: Le Collier 2:20

20. Filature: Motif: On Attache 0:54

21. Filature: Motif: Je Suis Solide 2 3:04

22. Filature: Motif: Collier Riff 3:43

23. Filature: Motif: Elle Travaille 6:07

24. Filature: Motif: L'habit De L'empereur 3:09

25. Filature: Motif: Le Tisserand 3:39

26. Filature: Motif: Tisser Pour Toi 3: B 1:56

27. Filature: Motif: Défilage 1:36