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A specially priced box set bringing together all three CDs from Joane Hetu of music about the winter: Musique d'hiver, Nouvelle musique d'hiver and Recits de neige.

Hetu, Joane
Tryptique Musique d'hiver

Hetu, Joane : Tryptique Musique d'hiver (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Label: Ambiances Magnetiques    
Released in: Canada    

A specially priced box set bringing together all three CDs from Joane Hétu about the winter music: Musique d'hiver, Nouvelle musique d'hiver and Récits de neige.

Musique d'hiver:

"Musique d'hiver, by the prolific Joane Hétu, is a work in four movements that pays homage to chilly northwest winds, sparkling winter light, the February moon, and the tedium and the exasperation of March, all of which allow the emotional excitement of winter to show through.

You will be charmed by the freshness of this winter poetry and by the acoustic and metaphoric tones that pigment this picturesque canvas."-Ambiances Magnetique

Nouvelle Musique d'Hiver:

Beautiful, mysterious improvised compositions with spoken interludes, recorded live in March 2003 at the first Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques (MNM) festival. This is music that pays attention to both atmosphere and unusual impulse, from an amazing cast of techinical and sonically gifted players, a who's who of the Actuelle scene. Highly recommended.

" "Nouvelle musique d'hiver" consists of four movements in which musicians improvise from a canvas and compositional design. - 1. Joyeux temps; evocation of the first snowfalls and the Holiday season - 2. Être dans le vent; a tribute to wind and fire - 3. La marmotte; hibernation, boredom and pleasure - 4. Calcium sloche; a blend of end-of-winter madness and springtime activity.

In "Nouvelle musique d'hiver," Hétu is amplifying the microscopic aspect of natural sounds and integrating them to the sporadic interventions from electronic and pre-recorded sounds, and the pre-recorded recitation. Abandoning the melodic and tonal nature of the first installment, Hétu has produced an evocation of winter sounds set in a stripped-down sonic amalgam - a real audio documentary about winter.

"Nouvelle musique d'hiver" was recorded live in March 2003 by Bernard Grenon at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, during the first Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques (MNM) festival. The work was performed by Ensemble SuperMusique, consisting of Jean Derome, Guillaume Dostaler, Joane Hétu, Diane Labrosse, Pierre Tanguay (all featured on the first installment), and also Lori Freedman, Martin Tétreault and Gilles Derome."-Ambiances Magnetiques

Recits de Neige:

"Piece in four movements (Neige (Snow), Jamais Froid (Never Cold), Rafales (Gusts), Paysages (Landscapes)) written for acoustic and electric instruments Récits de neige invites the listener to a real snowfall performed by six musicians improvising masters who are familiar with the language of new music. This third installment of Winter Music offers an amalgam of sounds, images and stories intertwined in the winter. Touching and amusing anecdotes, told by the musicians and short songs, performed by all punctuate the winter road to strong sounds."-Ambiances Magnetiques

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Price: $35.95
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Product Information:

UPC: 771028190423

Label: Ambiances Magnetiques
Catalog ID: AM 904
Squidco Product Code: 14588

Format: 3 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: Canada
Packaging: Box Set - 3 CDs
'Recits de Neige' was recorded on January 31st and February 1st and 2nd, 2008 at Theatre La Chapelle in Montreal, CA. 'Musique d'hiver' was recorded at Radio-Canada's Studio 12 on February 22nd, 2000 by Alain Chenier. 'Nouvelle musique d'hiver' was recorded live in concert on March 6th, 2003 by Salle Beverly Wesbter Rolph.


Jean Derome-flutes, saxophones, objects, voice

Gilles Derome-recorded narration

Guillaume Dostaler-piano, synthesizer

Joane Hetu-alto saxophone, voice

Lori Freedman-clarinets

Diane Labrosse-accordian, sampler, voice

Alexandre St-Onge-double bass, electric bass, electronics, voice

Pierre Tanguay-drums, objects, voice

Martin Tétreault-turntables

Scott Thomson-trombone, voice

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Track Listing:

Recits de Neige

1. Neige 1-2 5:14

2. Neige 5-3 3:51

3. Neige 4-2 3:30

4. Regarder la Neige Tomber 5:52

5. Il Neige 2:23

6. Flakes 4:43

7. Jamis Froid 4:18

8. Paysages 1-2-3 4:07

9. Rafales 2 6:43

10. Rafales 1 5:41

11. Rafales 3 2:44

12. Mais y'est ou l' ch'min 5:37

13. Paysages 5 + Paysages/neige 2 3:29

14. Neige Silencieuse 6:01

15. Deja l' eau qui coule 4:41

Musique d'Hiver

1. La chute 3:51

2. La joie 2:48

3. La plus froide 4:40

4. Le silence de la tempete 4:27

5. On s'les gele 4:34

6. Cristaux cristalises 2:01

7. Bourrasque 2:44

8. Nord/ouest 1:49

9. Epaisse la couverture 3:05

10. Tension on gele 3:11

11. Bleu ciel 5:47

12. Blanc sur terre 6:03

13. Nuits d'hiver 3:07

14. Danse de chandelle 2:16

15. Hemisphere nord 5:07

16. C'est trop long 4:11

17. Perdu le nord 1:47

18. Je dors 4:37

Nouvelle musique d'hiver

1. Joyeux Temps 7:02

2. Joyeux Temps 2 5:14

3. Joyeux Temps 3 4:02

4. Etre Dans Le Vent 6:46

5. Etre Dans Le Vent 2 3:43

6. Etre Dans Le Vent 3 4:01

7. Etre Dans Le Vent 4 4:16

8. La Marmotte 10:38

9. La Marmotte 2 2:01

10. Calcium Sloche 6:40

11. Calcium Sloche 2 5:20

12. Calcium Sloche 3 3:46

13. Calcium Sloche 4 3:59