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This very strange CD-ROM-enhanced recording combines 20 tracks of what can only be called deliciously weird music coupled with surreal visual images.

Foussat, Jean-Marc

Foussat, Jean-Marc: Nouvelles (Potlatch)
Label: Potlatch    
Released in: France    

"This very strange CD-ROM-enhanced recording combines 20 tracks of what can only be called deliciously weird music coupled with surreal visual images. The Potlatch label is recognized for its quality freestyle recordings, most of which embody at least some jazz influences, however minimal. This one detours, in that the relationship to any genre of jazz is nearly nonexistent, though the improvisational adventurousness is extraordinary. The mostly short individual pieces were composed and arranged by Jean-Marc Foussat between 1985 and 2001, and feature wicked combinations of voices, guitar, synthesizers, and pianos, with occasional bass, percussion, accordion, and trumpet. There is a simplicity to it all, though as a whole it has the feel of a William Burroughs cutup. The liner notes are in French only, but this is a project that stands on its own, without elaboration. There are few signposts and little to prepare the listener for the unusual noises and slowly changing timbres, which at times are creatively grating. The metamorphosing color artwork sometimes invites viewer interaction and is an interesting touch that enhances the experience. While this is likely to have limited appeal, it is a project worth exploring for those seeking unique visual and aural challenges."-Steven Loewy, AllMusic

"Jean-Jacques Avenel, born 16 June 1948 in Saint-Nicolas-d'Aliermont ( Seine-Maritime ) and died 12 August 2014. He was a jazz bassist, a faithful companion to Steve Lacy, and participated in many other musical adventures. He was interested especially in African music, the kora and tradition Mandingo.

Jean-Jacques Avenel was self-taught, although he subsequently benefit from the lessons of Kent Carte. He began his career by participating in the free jazz movement, playing with Steve Waring, Colette Magny, Don Cherry, and with Noah Howard, the quartet of Frank Wright and Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra training François Tusques. He also accompanies the saxophonist Daunik Lazro.

From 1975, he began to be associated with different formations led by Steve Lacy. Trio, sextet, quartet... But also the quintet consisting addition Lacy and Avenel, saxophonist Steve Potts, drummer Oliver Johnson and pianist Bobby Few, often with the singer Irene Aebi. A long collaboration begins. He accompanied Steve Lacy for nearly 30 years, performing in many festivals and other places in Europe and the United States, and participating in more than twenty albums recordings. He had also the opportunity to accompany Butch Morris in 1980, and David Murray in the 1990s.

He participated in the achievements of Michel Edelin and particularly in the quartet with Simon Goubert and Jacques Di Donato since 1995. More recently, he worked with young European pianists Benoît Delbecq, and Gael Mevel. And with American Mal Waldron and Australian Chris Cody. Plus work with Richard Galliano, George Lewis, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, Dino Saluzzi, Paul Bley, and other.

He also regularly collaborated with François Raulin. In 2000, at the 38th festival Roaring, Avenel, Raulin and Adama Drame together created the ARD trio, training mixing European jazz tradition and the Mandingo. Jean-Jacques Avenel passion for African music and plays the kora, in addition to the bass. In 2004, Avenel and Sissokho surrounded themselves Lansiné Kouyaté, Moriba Koita and Michel Edelin for Waraba project ( "the lion" in language Bamana ). Then in 2006, he formed the trio DAG Domancich and Simon Goubert.

He died of cancer August 12, 2014."

-Wikipedia (translated by Google, assisted by Squidco) (

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Product Information:

UPC: 3355350071079

Label: Potlatch
Catalog ID: P301
Squidco Product Code: 12518

Format: CD / CD-ROM
Condition: New
Released: 2001
Country: France
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Jean-Marc Foussat VCS III-piano, guitar, voice


Jac Berrocal

Jean-Francois Pauvros

Roger Turner


Jean-Marc Foussat VCS III-piano, guitar, voice


Jac Berrocal

Jean-Francois Pauvros

Roger Turner

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Track Listing:

1. Entrée 1:56

2. i. e. 18:37

3. À Découvert 14:24

4. Viegelstältiglasterhaft 9:33

5. On See Side 4:58

6. Sortie

CD-Rom part

Eye Way 25:00