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Most People Have Been Trained To Be Bored.: Success in Cheap Prices (Bor Land / Soopa)


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product information:

UPC: 5605064301008

Label: Bor Land / Soopa
Catalog ID: BL024CD
Squidco Product Code: 7678

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2006
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Constructed by Gustavo Costa, 2003-2005.


Gustavo Costa

Old Jersusalem, Yehudit Mizrahi-voice

Peter Sterck-percussion, prepared piano

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track listing:

1. Repealed, 1997

2. Non Infringement Recertain Designs

3. Poverty In The First World

4. Sucess in Cheap Prices

5. Global Cleansing / Massive Sterillity

6. Tools That Are No Good

7. Becoming Indifferent Undurable

8. Intolerable World Undurable

9. Aural Melting Point
descriptions, reviews, &c.

Hailing from Portugal, Soopa and Bor Land co-release this electro-acoustic work from Gustavo Costa under the name "Most people have been trained to be bored." Costa uses a variety of approaches to create a large work that moves in fits and spurts, making a music that's anything but boring. From the Bor Land press release:

"most people have been trained to be bored": in the absence of data that confirms it, we could say that the statement used as a moniker to gustavo costa's project is a generalization. there are no figures that we know of that support the thesis and it's unlikely that this record is a research on the subject, so in no way can we take the statement for fact. but it's a fairly regular thing to let thoughts like these out of our systems, sometimes because it's easy to do so, some other times because vestiges of boredom seem to actually dominate society. anyway, as far as music's concerned, it sometimes does seem that the world chooses to bore itself to death. formulas repeat themselves endlessly, avalanches of songs ensue and very little of it stays with us until the next day - for lack of quality of the source material and/or ill use of it by the listener.

but that's generalization imposing itself again. after all, even the most pessimistic of sceptics will recognise the exceptions. gustavo costa, for one, mustn't have felt bored producing this album and he sure doesn't bore us with yet another stylistic redundancy. first, because this is one of those records that start without you ever knowing how it'll end, and that goes for both musician and listener; secondly, because there is a search here that begins in the sound, goes through each sensorial feeling and settles in the lair of personality. a record such as this draws a circle around the person who created it and welcomes those who listen to it with a granular mirror. it's that game of correspondences that leads us through its noises, silences and stuttered instruments. the other side of generalizations will emerge when the time comes to catalogue these compositions. electronic music? experimental? improv? ambient? noise? electro-acoustic? some of these labels will be attached to it. but the album, bearing as it does bits of each of the genres described, is eminently of its author - a citizen that refuses to dwell in a tedium cocoon, feeding on his own rotting wings. we can proceed with the generalizations and say that most people won't listen to this record. they won't have an opinion about it (be it a positive or a negative one, it's irrelevant for the matter), maybe because they became so used to working on their ennui and fearing whatever new things arise out there. but we don't have any statistics that validate this preview scenario, so who knows? maybe we're wrong.

gustavo costa was born in porto in 1976. he studied percussion with miguel bernat, production and music technologies in "escola superior de música e das artes do espectáculo do porto" and sonology with paul berg, konrad boehmer and clarence barlow at the sonology institute in the hague, holland. gustavo costa has been developing, since 1989, several collaborations with musicians/bands related to the underground rock and experimental music genres - genocide, stealing orchestra, três tristes tigres, drumming, gregg moore, ethos trio, damo suzuki, john zorn, to name a few.

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February 2007
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