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Clarinetist Robert Marcel Lepage takes the listener on a trip around the world aboard his clarinet with the help of twenty other musicians.

Lepage, Robert Marcel
Les clarinettes ont-elles un escalier de secours?

Lepage, Robert Marcel: Les clarinettes ont-elles un escalier de secours? (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Label: Ambiances Magnetiques    
Released in: Canada    

"Does the clarinet have an escape ladder? For twenty years I've been asking myself this question. In the beginning, when all of the guys my age were playing guitar, I chose clarinet. First I learned in the school band, then I formed my own band... a rock band, where I played bass... on clarinet.

With such a start, I never did what I was really supposed to on this instrument. First I started by imitating Jimi Hendrix's solos and Joe Cocker's voice. Later on, I was copying solos of the analog synthesizers instead of practicing the Klosé etudes and the Mozart concerto.

I seem to be fated to remain a marginal clarinettist but I feel a lot better about it. I've even started to practice the septemdecuplet in Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue intro... Mom would be proud!"-Robert Marcel Lepage.

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Product Information:

UPC: 771028104628

Label: Ambiances Magnetiques
Catalog ID: AM046CD
Squidco Product Code: 540

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 1998
Country: Canada
Packaging: Jewel Tray

Robert Marcel Lepage-composer

Louis Babin

Iain Booth

Claude Castonguay

Benoît Clément

Jean Derome

Louis Gagné

Rick Haworth

Mario Légaré

Serge Lépine

Saïd Mesnaoui

Jean René

Jean Sabourin

Michel Séguin Jr

Claude Simard

Pierre Tanguay

Martin Tétreault

Abdou Tikéroïne

Marc Villemure

Tom Walsh

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Track Listing:

1 Les clarinettes du pharaon 2:17

2 Rock around the cloche 2:02

3 1229 clarinettistes à Prague 2:27

4 Les clarinettes sont cuites 2:58

5 Le chœur des anches 2:14

6 La marque du M 2:10

7 Mustang Dimitri 2:06

8 Il parlait avec les poissons, les oiseaux, les mammifères 2:54

9 Émail Blues 1:59

10 Embouchure embuscade :57

11 Techno pita 2:09

12 Zorbanlieu 1:30

13 Clar'ilette noire 4:36

14 La valse des épouses (moi aussi, j'en ai une à la maison) :48

15 Tortillas pour une clarinette 3:01

16 Meanwhile, Back in Prague... 3:08

17 Mes petites juives :35

18 Tintin au Rajasthan 2:09

19 Sahararinette 4:53

20 Fatal destin (un grec à la cabane à sucre) 2:53

21 La clarinette en mille miettes :52

22 Portrait en clarinettes courtes (alors que tous les gars de mon âge se mettaient à la guitare...) 3:44