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A box set documenting the October 2015 3-day event held at Porgy and Bess in Vienna for the 50th birthday of saxophonist Mats Gustafsson (The Thing, Fire! and innumerable duo/trio/ensemble formations) with a who's-who of collaborators invited to join in various formations.

Gustafsson, Mats And Friends
MG 50 - Peace & Fire [4 CD BOX SET]

Gustafsson, Mats And Friends: MG 50 - Peace & Fire [4 CD BOX SET] (Trost Records)

Label: Trost Records    
Released in: Austria    

"In October 2015, a three-day event was held at Porgy & Bess in Vienna for the 50th birthday of Mats Gustafsson, saxophone player extraordinaire in contemporary (free) jazz with The Thing, Fire!, and various duo/trio/ensemble formations. Many collaborators of Gustafsson's were invited to join in various formations.

The first three discs of the four-CD set were recorded October 26-28, 2014 at Porgy & Bess in Vienna by Mikael Werliin. The fouth disc was recorded October 26-28th, 2014 at "Strenge Kammer," Porgy & Bess, by Alexander Kasses.

The discs are presented in a heavy cardboard box with two thick booklets including essays and many photos. Mixed in 2015 at Garnison7 in Vienna by Martin Siewert and Mats Gustafsson. Mastered by Martin Siewert in 2016. Photos by Petra Cvelbar and Ziga Koritnik. Artwork by Lasse Marhaug. Produced by Konstantin Drobil and Mats Gustafsson.

Includes performances by Mats Gustafsson/Didi Kern, RISC (Billy Roisz/Dieb 13), Sven- Åke Johansson, Swedish Azz, Fake The Facts + Paul Lytton & Martin Brandlmayr, Christof Kurzmann/Sofia Jernberg, Fire! Plus guests, Klangforum Wien & Mats Gustafsson, TR!O + 1 (Günther Christman/Paul Lovens/Thomas Lehn/Mats Gustafsson), The Thing & Ken Vandermark, Kjell Nordeson, Per-Åke Holmlander, Agustí Fernández, Erwan Keravec, Christof Kurzmann/Ken Vandermark, and Anna Högberg."

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Product Information:

UPC: 9120036682221

Label: Trost Records
Catalog ID: TROST 140CD
Squidco Product Code: 22020

Format: 4 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Austria
Packaging: Box Set - 4 CDS + Booklet
CD 1 3 recorded at Porgy and Bess, in Vienna, Austria, on October 26th - 28th, 2014 by Mikael Werliin.

CD 4 recorded at Strenge Kammer, Porgy and Bess in Vienna, Austria, Oct 26 thm- 28th, 2014 by Alexander Kasses


Mats Gustafsson-fluteophone, electronics, bass saxophone,tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, slide sax


Billy Roisz-bass, electronics

Dieb13-turntables, Klopfer

Sven-Ake Johansson-percussion, voice, tuba, Cimbasso

Erik Carlsson-drums

Kjell Nordeson-vibraphone

Martin Brandlmayr-drums

Paul Lytton-drums

Martin Siewert-electronics, guitar

Christof Kurzmann-vocals, Ppooll

Sofia Jernberg-vocals

Erwan Keravec-bad pipes

Andreas Werliin-drums

Johan Berthling-electric bass

Agusti Fernandez-organ, electric piano

Mariam Wallentin-vocals

Uli Fussenegger-double bass

Eva Furrer-flute

Markus Deute-oboe

Anders Nyqvist-trumpet

Dimitrios Polisoidis-viola

Annette Bik-violin

Gunde Jach-Micko-violin

Benedikt Leitner-violincello

Bjorn Wilker-percussion

Lukas Schiske-percussion

Gerald Preinfalk-tuba

Thomas Lehn-analogue synthesizer

Gunter Christmann-trombone

Paul Lovens-percussion

Ingebrigt Haker Flaten-bass

Ken Vandermark-clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

Paal Nilssen-Love-drums

Kjell Nordeson-vibraphone, percussion

Anna Hogberg-alto saxophone

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Track Listing:


1. Mats Gustafsson/Didi Kern - Peace (6:39)

2. Mats Gustafsson/Didi Kern - Fire (2:17)

3. RISC (Billy Roisz/Dieb 13) - birthday boy (8:41)

4. Sven-Ake Johansson - Part of klingend und festgehalten (9:38)

5. Sven-Ake Johansson - I didn't know what time it was (2:09)

6. Sven-Ake Johansson - I cover the waterfront (2:30)

7. Swedish Azz - Lidingo Airport (6:05)

8. Swedish Azz - Quincy (4:08)

9. Swedish Azz - Du Gladjerika Skona (4:59)

10. Swedish Azz - Master (guest: SA Johansson)

11. Swedish Azz - 3 (8:38)


1. Fake The Facts + Paul Lytton and Martin Brandlmayr - I accept my longing. The travels. (19:52) 2. Christof Kurzmann/Sofia Jernberg - Wien (24:42)

3. Fire! Plus guests - Molting slowly (without noticing) (14:37)

4. Fire! Plus guests - Exit part two (10:24)

5. Fire! Plus guests - Would I whip (8:03) CD3

1. Klangforum Wien and Mats Gustafsson - Konstellation (5:14)

2. Klangforum Wien and Mats Gustafsson - Intervention (7:31)

3. TR!O + 1 (Gunther Christman/Paul Lovens/Thomas Lehn/Mats Gustafsson) - one (11:04)

4. TR!O + 1 (Gunther Christman /Paul Lovens/Thomas Lehn/Mats Gustafsson) - two (5:17)

5. The Thing and Ken Vandermark - Unnoticed. I battle. (13:32)

6. The Thing and Ken Vandermark- Unheard. I yield. (18:52)

7. The Thing and Ken Vandermark- Unseen. I mirror theperspectives. (5:29)


1. Kjell Nordeson - Miramar (4:37)

2. Kjell Nordeson - Summer with M. (6:14)

3. Per-Ake Holmlander - M.G. - Fifty is just the beginning... (9:03)

4. Agusti Fernandez - MatsMatMaM / MatsAtsTsS (18:47)

5. Erwan Keravec - Urban Pipes (23:58)

6. Christof Kurzmann/Ken Vandermark - Vienna Upstairs (11:28)

7. Anna Hogberg - Ha Den Aran (2:59)