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Earle Brown conducts a chamber ensemble including John Tilbury on piano through a number of compositions, including versions of "October", "November", & "December", "Corroboree 1964 For Three Pianos", "Trio For Five Dances", and "Tracking Pierrot For Ensable".

Brown, Earle
Chamber Music

Brown, Earle: Chamber Music (Matchless)

Label: Matchless    
Released in: Great Britain    

"In some respects, Earle Browns chamber music is music that, although written with no eye to the future, much less stylized for a vaguely futuristic age in which culture IS furniture, is tailor-made pre-fabricated, almost to serve as soundtrack to an arty science fiction film. Think of Tarkovskys Solaris or Kubricks, or even Speilbergs Close Encounters , in which sound is often neither strictly diegetic or non-diegetic. Noise or what under hyper-circumstantial conditions could be interpreted as music may, in fact, be an extra-terrestrial language; our own transmissions beamed back at us, encoded with new objectives; light; the music of the spheres Who knows? As alien and chill as it sometimes can be, what is perhaps more engrossing about this music and more discomfiting about it in pure emotional terms is that little bit of familiarity it does possess. It is uncanny music. This uncanniness wants to support the idea that music can flow and exist independent of its Self, scrutiny be damned, as if sounds are ultimately unintentional with no other purpose than to defy the concepts of right and wrong. If that is so, then why can a sequence of seemingly random notes and phrases stir such positive emotion in one listener while stirring in another the heaves and shudders that accompany a putrid smell in a damp room? It is not the responsibility of music to answer such questions, but to raise them. Browns incongruously sensual yet frugal rhapsodies effectively do exactly that."-Bagatellen

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Product Information:

UPC: 786497521524

Label: Matchless
Catalog ID: MRCD52
Squidco Product Code: 1742

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2003
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Jewel Case
Tracks 1-10 recorded at Gateway Studios, Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey, England.

Track 11 recorded July/August 2002.

Track 12 recorded at the Dal Niente concert at the Union Chapel, London, November 12th 1999.


Simon Allen-vibraphone, marimba, percussion, harmonicas, various sound producing media

Peter Bevan-trombone

Bridget Carey-viola

Tania Chen-piano

Robert Coleridge-piano

Francesca Hanley-flute

Nicolas Hodges-piano

Mieko Kanno-violin

Lore Lixenburg-voice

Zoe Martlew-cello

Mannon Morris-harp

Fiona Ritchie-vibraphone, marimba

David Ryan-clarinet, bass clarinet

Nancy Ruffer-flute

Andrew Sparling-clarinet, bass clarinet

John Tilbury-piano

Earle Brown-conductor

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Track Listing:

1. October 1952 Version 1 1:03

2. November 1952 Version 1 5:22

3. Mm=87 (Harp) 1:39

4. Mm=135 (Piano) 0:42

5. October 1952 Version 2 1:20

6. December 1952 2:24

7. November 1952 Version 2 5:07

8. 1953 Version 1 2 & 3 3:20

9. Trio For Five Dances 3:30

10. Corroboree 1964 For Three Pianos 11:55

11. For Systems 1954 (Multi-Timbral Realisation) 12:07

12. Tracking Pierrot For Ensable 18:24