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La Casa, Eric / Taku Unami: Parazoan Mapping <i>[Used Item]</i> La Casa, Eric / Taku Unami:
Parazoan Mapping [Used Item]

(erstwhile -- USA )

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Using "recordings" and "devices", this is the first release from the long-standing collaboration of Eric La Casa and Taku Umani, 15 untitled tracks of curious and subtly discursive sound work recorded in a diverse set of locations.

Stangl, Burkhard / Kai Fagaschinski: Musik-Ein Portrat in Seh <i>[Used Item]</i> Stangl, Burkhard / Kai Fagaschinski:
Musik-Ein Portrat in Seh [Used Item]

(erstwhile -- USA )

Price: $10.00    

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Occupying a unique area between composition & folk music, classical & jazz/improv, tension & serenity, these duos also include recordings from Klaus Filip and dieb13.

Sirom: I Sirom:

(Amorfon -- Japan )

Price: $14.95    

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"Slovenia bordering the border with Austria and Italy, located most west of Balkan. History, this place where western music and oriental music have intertwined. Ethnic music of the past and modern music also crossed in this place, and i...

Nabatov, Simon: Monk 'N' More Nabatov, Simon:
Monk 'N' More

(Leo -- UK )

Price: $14.95    

In Stock

Pianist Simon Nabatov plays the music of Thelonious Monk in a live concert from 1995, alternating those recordings with a 2013 concert of solo electroacoustic work, an unusual approach that focuses the melodic aspects of Monk while highlighting his eccentricity and intrepidity


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