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Adena Quartet ( Kazuhisa Uchihashi / Keisuk Ohta / Shinobu Kawai / Akira Sotoyama): Adena Quartet (Doubtmusic)

The first album from the Japanese improvising quartet of electric guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi (Altered States), cross-media violinist Keisuke Ohta, bassist Shinobu Kawai (Yoshihide Otomo Special Big Band, Akira Sakata) and drummer Akira Sotoyama (Tipographica, Koichi Matsukaze Quartet), in three avant jazz improvisations captured live at Knuttel House in Tokyo.

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Kazuhisa Uchihashi-guitar

Keisuke Ohta-violin

Shinobu Kawai-bass

Akira Sotoyama-drums

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UPC: 4571222591769

Label: Doubtmusic
Catalog ID: dmf-176
Squidco Product Code: 34803

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2024
Country: Japan
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded at Knuttel House, in Tokyo, Japan, on Septmber 26th, 2023, by Takanori Terabe.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"This is the memorable first album of this four-strong, completely improvisational band. The dynamics of the improvisations of these four people, who know the sweet and sour aspects of music, are incomparably persuasive. The word "chemical reaction" is often used to describe CDs and live performance reviews, but it is no exaggeration to say that this performance is the pinnacle of that. Ideally, you should experience the live performance, but this CD is a multi-recording of that precious live performance. Please enjoy it at the same volume as a live performance.

By the way, the cover art is by the master artist Kawai Shinobu, the bassist -- Doubtmusic's first cute cover."-Doubtmusic

Artist Biographies

"Kazuhisa Uchihashi (内橋和久, Uchihashi Kazuhisa) is a Japanese guitarist involved in free improvisation music. Born in 1959 in Osaka, Uchihashi began to play the guitar at age 12, playing in various rock bands, though he later studied jazz music. In 1988 he joined the band the First Edition, and in 1990 formed the band Altered States. He was also a member of Otomo Yoshihide's Ground Zero from 1994 to 1997. Uchihashi also plays daxophone, and in addition to his role as a free improviser, Uchihashi has been the musical director for Osaka theatre group Ishinha, has held improvisation workshops (a project known as New Music Action) in various cities in Japan, as well as London, Oslo, and currently in Vienna also. Uchihashi has set up his own record label, Innocent Records a.k.a. Zenbei Records, had held a music festival annually since 1996 Festival BEYOND INNOCENCE."

-Wikipedia (

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"Ota Osa Keisuke (Violin, Electric Violin, trumpa Violin, Voice, etc.)

Born in Kumamoto in 1956.

Begin the violin at the age of five. Major in chemistry at Kagoshima University.

I went to Tokyo in 1983 and departed as a work / arranger. So far, he has a lot of music such as CM, movies, theater, fashion shows, planetarium and so on.

As a violinist, he is good at ethnic music (Turkish, Arabic, Indian, Eastern European, Irish), jazz, improvisation. Of course, in the studio and live it is a precious existence to do all kinds of genre, participate in works of various artists and talents.

There is also a reputation for the voice that the Japanese has left, and it is used for TV, movies, games, CM etc.

Also, because of its unique appearance, she may be on stage as a performance artist, and there are many overseas performances as well.

Kazuji Umezu of Shinokubo gentlemen, the Yuji Tsuneaji (oud) Arabindia, Sato Masahiko (p.) Stoy, Shibusashirazu Orchestra, the Wataru Okuma (cl.) Cicala-MVTA, Junichi Takagi (g.) with MASARA, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (per.) of Vincent Atomicus, with Taizo Sakai (G.) the Electric Nomad, one噌幸Hiroshi (flute) trio, Hiroshi Yoshino (b.) of the"此岸equinox", Kyoko Kuroda (p.) trio, Satoshi Yamaguchi (per.) and of thick Kuroyama, of Shoji Sato (Per.Vo.) MASSA, Yasuhiko Tachibana (B.) TOY, ultra stateless music group JAZICO, with Tadashitatsuki Yoshimi (tabla) A regular member such as a talk session"do SHOW (ぉ ぉ ょ う)".

Many co-star artists, many of them are Atsuta Forest, Akita Kawaguchi, Fumio Itabashi, Ueda Fist, Uzaki Ryudo, Uchida Kotaro, Uchida Kazuhisa, Uchida Kazuhisa, Otaka Hiroaki, Katayama Hiaki, Carmen · Maki, Miro Kurosawa (dance), Kuroda Kyoko, Toshiyuki Tanigawa, Toshiki Tanigawa, Shunichi Chikano, Shuichi Chino, Masato Tomobe, Yoshiro Nakamura, Alan Silva, Billy Bang, Carlo Actis Dato, Joëlle Leandre, Loren Newton, Zakir Hussein, and others.

In omnibus album"SONGS"(BIOSPHERE) produced by Tomohiko Kira (Zabadak), he made his own vocal debut.

"GHETTO"(directed by Tamiya Kuriyama) who appeared as a Jewish violin play won the Yomiuri Theater Grand Prize, the Everyday Arts Grand Prize and others.

Supports a nationwide tour of Imawano Kiyoshiro (Budokan, etc.).

In addition, she appeared as a mysterious violin fiddle in the movie"Human Chair"starred by Misa Shimizu (original Edogawa Ryobo, directed by Toshiyuki Mizutani), starring Tadanobu Asano and starring"Idiots Sakaguchi Animation, Director Tezuka Masashi, Hashimoto Kazuko Music".

NHK - BS"Aria of the Waterfall"(Matsumi no Taki - Ota Yoshie ed.). Participated in Bunrakuza Performance"Arabian Night", Bunraku Doll"Sonezaki Shinkansen ROCK"(Chikamatsu Monmadonaka original work, Akiko Aki composition lyrics, Uzaki Toryo composition).

In addition to each of the above regular units, there are many other regular units such as Otsuki Kenji, Seoul Flower Union, Handyman Yutro, Nakagawa Hirotaka, Hashiken, Mikieko Hiroda, The Boom, Cocco, Rikki (Final Fantasy X Insertion Song) Join the CD.

TBS travel program"World Ulrun Stay", TBS drama"Younger man","Hello to Takahara", NHK Friday Drama, Shuhei Fujisawa's original"Sicure Guru", movie"Chicken is Hadashi", animation movie"Kappa Ku and Summer Vacation", NHK Taiga Drama"Ryomaden", Japan Television Battle Drama"Dog's Day Disappeared"(also in charge of composition), movie"Rurouni Kenshin"and other violin and voice.

Released the leader album"Blue Ronde a la Turk"(duo with pianist Bill Mays).

Every month we have a multitude of guests and hosted the 100th music show"Violon's Ota Hiroshi Yaya no Yoru ()".

Forming the first leader band Yolcu- Yoldaş (Jorges and Yoldaş) with Tsuneo Hao (g.), Yoichi Okabe (per.).

Appeared in Yosuke Yamashita 's unit at"Antalya International Piano Festival"sponsored by Turkish pianist Fajr Sai."

-Keisuke Ohta Website (Translated by Google) (

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Shinobu Kawai (かわいしのぶ): "I play the bass. The rest of the time I sleep or eat curry. Currently I am mainly active in Yoshihide Otomo Special Big Band, Akira Sakata, Takeshi Shibuya, KERA & Broken Flowers, Adena Quartet (Kazuhisa Uchihashi), Punchy Blues, Phnom Penh Model, bikke & Tatsuro Kondo, SUPER JUNKY MONKEY, etc."

-X (Translated by Google) (

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Akira Sotoyama (外山 明 (Sotoyama Akira)) is a Japanese jazz drummer, born January 15, 1962 in Yokohama, Kanagawa. He is known for the groups Boz, Dragon Blue, Koichi Matsukaze Quartet, LowBlow, Phonolite, Tipographica, Totonotta, and Adena Quartet.

-Discogs (

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Track Listing:

1. A 6:59

2. In 26:00

3. Na 22:16

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