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3 live recordings from 3 ensembles - GGRIL, Ensemble SuperMusique and ECM+ - exploring relationsips between early music and contemporary creative music; with Jean Derome, Joane Hetu, Diane Labrosse, Bernard Falaise, &c. &c.

Roger, Danielle Palardy
Pinta, Nina & Maria

Roger, Danielle Palardy: Pinta, Nina & Maria (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Label: Ambiances Magnetiques    
Released in: Canada    

"The latest Danielle Palardy Roger's CD, Pinta, Niña & Maria, brings together three pieces written for three highly contrasting ensembles - GGRIL, Ensemble SuperMusique and ECM+ - and allows to achieve an excellent blend of contemporary music, and musique actuelle. With Pinta, Niña & Maria, composer percussionnist Palardy Roger explores the filiations between early music and contemporary creative music and she focuses on a few changes and interbreedings that have transformed the music of today - oral tradition, written music, and improvisation; consonance, dissonance, and noise; acoustic, electric instruments. To listen deeply..."-Ambiances Magnetiques

"[Translation] A triptych by Danielle Palardy Roger: three compositions for improvising ensemble, blending Early and contemporary music, composition and improvisation, direction and freedom, acoustics and electronics. Three 15-minute suites. The performers are the GGRIL in Rimouski, Ensemble SuperMusiue, and ECM+. Solid music who will not reveal all its codes on first listen. Roger is highly skillful with large-scale works (see her Bruiducœur), and this project matches her previous efforts in that vein."-François Couture in Monsieur Délire (Québec)

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Product Information:

UPC: 771028120123

Label: Ambiances Magnetiques
Catalog ID: AM 201
Squidco Product Code: 13883

Format: CD
Condition: Sale (New)
Released: 2010
Country: Canada
Packaging: Cardstock foldover
'La Pinta' was recorded on August 12th, 2007 at Concert Tour de bras; 'La Nina' was recorded on February 4th, 2008 at concert SuperMusique; 'La Santa Maria' was recorded on August 5th, 2008 at concert ECM+.


Brigitte Lacasse-accordion, percussion, coice

Robin Servant-accordion

Mathieu Gosselin-alto sax

Mathieu Rivest-trumpet

Marie-Chantale Provost-trombone digeridu

Danielle P Roger-percussions, voice

Celine Boucher-percussions, voice

Raphael Arsenault-violon

Isabelle Laurin-violin

Catherine S Massicotte-violin, radio

Robert Bastien-electric guitar

Stephane Perron-dobro

Eric Normand-prepared electric bass

Jean Derome-saxophones

Joane Hetu-alto saxophone, voice

Nemo Venba-trumpet

Pierre Tanguay-drums

Michael F Cote-electronic percussions

Diane Labrosse-sampler

Alexandre St-Onge-electronics

Guido Del Fabbro-violin

Jean rene-alto violin

Pierre0Yves Martel-contrabass

Bernard Falaise-electric guitar

Damian Nisenson-voice

Jocelyne Roy-flute

Marie-Helene Breault-flute

Daniel Lanther-oboe

Martin Gauvreau-clarinet

Carmelle Prefontaine-bassoon

Nadia Labelle-cor

Robin Doyon-trumpet

Jean-Michael Malouf-trombone

Philip Hornsey-percussions

Johanne Morin-violin

Nathalie Bonin-violin

Marie-Eve Lessard-alto violin

Chloe Dominguez-violencello

Pierre-Philippe Cote-contrabass

Michael F Cote-electronic percussions

Diane Labrosse-sampler

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Track Listing:

1. Tout le monde en place 3:48

2. Nuit sombre 1:36

3. Reveil brutal 1:43

4. Ah l'aventure 1:41

5. Gloire, fortune, renommee et chance 2:38

6. Tous les beins de ce monde 4:14

7. Prologuo 1:57

8. Todos los bienes del mundo 2:34

9. El mar es bello 1:43

10. Pero agitato 2:18

11. ¡Coraje! 1:07

12. Los recifes 3:27

13. El paso 0:33

14. Hacia l'America 2:27

15. Prologue "The Unanswered Question" 1:49

16. The Real Departure 1:44

17. Gale and Crash 1 1:48

18. The Road of Stars 1:59

19. Gale and Crash 2 1:28

20. The Sea Calmed Down 2:31

21. Land Ho! 0:58

22. India Which Is Not India 1:21

23. Deception... and Melancholy 1:34

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