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subterrene: Coercer

Label: Bad Architect Records
Product Code: 30634
Catalog Code: None
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

In Stock

Subterrene, aka Grant Stewart, is a sound artist developing deep and cloud-like bursts of sound that create textures and aural interactions of an hallucinatory nature, here evoking the coercer--"the inverse of the seducer, using pressure, intimidation, or force to shape the behavior of another" in a journey from initial imposition to self-emancipation.

subterrene: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

Label: Bad Architect Records
Product Code: 25269
Catalog Code: None
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

In Stock

Rich sonic atmospheres from subterrene, aka Grant Stewart, a member of the 910 Noise collective, using slowly evolving and dovetailing drones that resonate and reveal shimmering beauty, deeply controlled and maintaining aural interest without any sense of impatience, maintaining a steady hand that reveals hidden harmonics amongst beautiful clouds of sound.

subterrene: Bathetic Resonance

Label: Mystery School Records
Product Code: 23222
Catalog Code: MSR028
Country: USA
Price: $9.95

Out of Stock

Layered and manipulated sound created in the studio and captured through live improvisation to create these rich, resonant compositions from Grant Stewart, a member of Machine Language, Daedal, A Perfect Mirror, The Eschaton Manifest, and The Inference Engine.