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Toyozumi, Sabu / Rick Countryman / Simon Tan / Isla Antinero / Stella Ignacio: The Search for the Five Senses

Label: Sol Disk Records
Product Code: 29733
Catalog Code: SD1811
Country: USA
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Recorded during Sabu Toyozumi's first collaboration with Rick Countryman in 2017, this album features music from the same nights that produced Jya-Ne and Center of Contradiction: 6 tracks from an August 11th quintet performance with voice and trombone, and electric bass; plus 2 tracks from the following night in a trio format with acoustic bass.

Toyozumi, Sabu / Simon Tan / Yong Yandsen / Rick Countryman: reAbstraction

Label: FMR
Product Code: 29427
Catalog Code: FMR584
Country: UK
Price: $14.95

In Stock

Malaysian tenor saxophonist Yong Yandsen joins the working trio of Sabu Toyozumi, Simon Tan, and Rick Countryman for a lively set of performances, Sabu and Countryman having met Yandsen in Kuala Lumpur several times the previous year for unrelated projects, bringing confident familiarity to their improvisations, captured here as a trio and quartet from a 3-night engagement in Manila.

Toyozumi, Sabu / Simon Tan / Rick Countryman / Yong Yandsen: Voices Of The Spirit

Label: ChapChap Records
Product Code: 29237
Catalog Code: CPCD-016
Country: Philippines
Price: $13.95

Out of Stock

Recorded during a series of concerts reuniting alto saxphonist Rick Countryman with mentor and friend, drummer Sabu Toyozumi, this live concert at Tago Jazz Cafe in Philippines includes acoustic bassist Simon Tan and free improvising Malaysian tenor saxophonist Yong Yandsen, in an adventurous set of extended performances of intertwining reeds and rhythm; superb!

Toyozumi, Sabu / Rick Countryman / Simon Tan: Preludes And Prepositions

Label: ChapChap Records
Product Code: 26642
Catalog Code: CPCD-013
Country: Japan
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Three extended free improvisations recorded in 2017 in Cubao Quezon City from the trio of Rick Countryman on alto saxophone, Simon Tan on acoustic bass, and Japense first generation free improviser Sabu Toyozumi on drums & Erhu (a 2-stringed Chinese instrument), as the trio take their listeners on a marathon session of inspired and playing.

Toyozumi, Sabu / Rick Countryman / Simon Tan: The Center of Contradiction

Label: ChapChap Records
Product Code: 26154
Catalog Code: CPCD-012
Country: Japan
Price: $13.95

Out of Stock

A live recording from Quezon City, Philippines of the free improvising trio of Sabu Toyozumi on drums, Rick Countryman on alto saxophone, and Simon Tan on acoustic bass, bring the first generation Japanese free improviser together with some of the Philippines' brightest free players for two extended improvisations of lyrical excursions and solid and often surprising rhythmic response.

Toyozumi, Sabu / Rick Countryman / Simon Tan / Stella Ignacio / Isla Antinero: JYA-NE

Label: Self Released
Product Code: 25829
Catalog Code: None
Country: Philippines
Price: $9.95

In Stock

Four configurations of free jazz recorded live during a 2017 visit by Japanese drummer Sabu Toyozumi to Manila: first in a duo with alto saxophonist Rick Countryman; then in a trio with Toyozumi on erhu and Simon Tan on acoustic bass; then a quintet with Simon Tan on electric bass, vocalist Stella Ignacio and trombonist Isla Antinero; and last as a trio with Countryman, Tan, and Toyozumi.