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Suzuki, Akio: Zeitstudie [VINYL w/ DOWNLOAD]

Label: Room40
Product Code: 29769
Catalog Code: RM 4119LP
Country: Australia
Price: $32.95

In Stock

Referring to "Study Time", Zeitstudie presents two works each for two instruments developed by sound artist Akio Suzuki and recorded in Germany in 1984: the ANALAPOS, an echo instrument used to project the performer's voice across a coil spring; and the "De Koolmees" glass harmonica, 5 glass tubes in a metal frame that are struck or rubbed to create unique sounds.

Suzuki, Akio / Aki Onda: Ke I Te Ki

Label: Room40
Product Code: 26660
Catalog Code: RM 499CD
Country: Australia
Price: $19.95

Out of Stock

"Ke I Te Ki" signifies the sound of an alarm, as frequent collaborators Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda push themselves in a live multi-track recording at the NY Emily Harvey Foundation (former home of Fluxus founder George Maciunas), using field recordings, objects, layers of melody and rhythm, sustained drones, and diverse textures and timbres to create these absorbing recordings.

Suzuki, Akio / John Butcher: Immediate Landscapes

Label: Ftarri
Product Code: 24828
Catalog Code: ftarri-987
Country: Japan
Price: $16.95

In Stock

At the same event in Scotland that John Butcher recorded his excellent "Resonant Spaces" album, he also joined forces with sound artist Akio Suzuki on a variety of objects and sound devices to record the first 5 tracks of this unusual album of very free improv, the last track by the duo recording at the 2015 Ftarri Festival at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo.

Suzuki, Akio / Lawrence English: Boombana Echoes Fan [CD + PRINTS]

Label: Winds Measure
Product Code: 23367
Catalog Code: wm31-2
Country: USA
Price: $21.95

In Stock

Experimental sound performer Lawrence English on drums, electronics and field recordings joins forces with Akio Suzuki on the amazing analapos instrument (see video) for three tracks of unusual and alien sound, punctuated with strange references and percussive devices.

Suzuki, Akio: Tubridge 99-00

Label: Edition Rz
Product Code: 14127
Catalog Code: ed. RZ 10008
Country: Germany
Price: $16.95

Out of Stock

Japanese installation and sound artist Akio Suzuki in recordings made at the New Taiza Tunnel in Tango Kyoto, 1999, rich and pure works of ambient environments.

Suzuki, Akio: NA-GI 1997

Label: Edition Rz
Product Code: 14120
Catalog Code: 10005
Country: Germany
Price: $16.95

In Stock

Sound and installation pioneer Akio Suzuki in a work based on field recordings from the bay and caves of Takano, Tango-cho in the northern-most coast of Kyoto, Japan.

Suzuki, Akio / David Toop: Breath - Taking

Label: Confront
Product Code: 11809
Catalog Code: CONFRONT 14
Country: Great Britain
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Minimal improvisation using a meditative set of instruments including stone flute, small stones, and a "silent toy", from David Toop recording with Akio Suzuki on a rare trip to the UK.