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Seabrook, Brandon: brutalovechamp
Seabrook, Brandon:

(Pyroclastic Records -- Canada )

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Looking to create a sound realm that would reflect more life and less process, NY guitarist/banjo player Brandon Seabrook takes his 8-piece ensemble Epic Proportions on a truly epic journey through "lyrical melodies, dynamic improvisations and manic counterpoint", showing great evolution and development as a contemporary composer and player; "Brutal is beautiful".

Seabrook, Brandon / Simon Nabatov: Voluptuaries
Seabrook, Brandon / Simon Nabatov:

(Leo Records -- UK )

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A series of diverse landscapes in the voluptuaries of guitarist Brandon Seabrook and pianist Simon Nabatov, evoking an imaginary garden of sensual pleasures expressed through dialogs running the gamut from elegant lyricism of lush and languid interaction to quirky runs of playful inventiveness; an elegantly complex and always sophisticated set of exchanges.

Seabrook, Brandon (w/ Cooper-Moore / Gerald Cleaver): Exultations
Seabrook, Brandon (w/ Cooper-Moore / Gerald Cleaver):

(Astral Spirits -- USA )

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The title aptly describes the intense excitement and exhilaration of NY guitarist Brandon Seabrook's second trio album on Astral Spirits, performed with rhythm giants Cooper-Moore on Diddley Bow (a single-string bass) and free jazz drum legend Gerald Cleaver, the two creating a percolating interactive foundation for Seabrooks powerfully expressive and investigative playing.

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