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Robert, Jocelyn: The Maze
Robert, Jocelyn:
The Maze

(Fragment Factory -- Germany )

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Electroacoustic composer Jocelyn Robert creates a field recording audio map of locations he's traveled to, to which he applys audio techniques equivalent to a geographer's scaling, removing, enhancing, and adding to a map, in the process creating a journey and a story.

Robert, Jocelyn: Pandore
Robert, Jocelyn:

(Ambiances Magnetiques -- Canada )

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Jocelyn Robert's first release on Ambiances Magnetiques in a four-disc set that shows off his solo work and highlights the contributions from other artists who have worked with him through the years.

Robert, Jocelyn: Folie / Culture
Robert, Jocelyn:
Folie / Culture

(Recommended Records -- Great Britain )

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