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Merce, Sergio: En Lugar De Pensar

Label: Edition Wandelweiser Records
Product Code: 30315
Catalog Code: EWR 2011
Country: Austria
Price: $12.95

In Stock

One circular and one continuous composition from Argentinian composer Sergio Merce, using rich tones like clouds of sound generated by a microtonal saxophone, synthesizer and wind synth, the title referring to his sense of music a channel to see, to reveal, a channel that opens through intuition, observation and attention but not through thinking; beautiful.

Merce, Sergio: Three Dimensions Of The Spirit

Label: Edition Wandelweiser Records
Product Code: 25916
Catalog Code: EWR 1806
Country: Germany
Price: $12.95

In Stock

Conservatory trained Argentinian saxophonist Sergio Merce uses a prepared tenor sax and a microtonal sax to create rich harmonics and slowly moving tonal works, layering aberrant and alluring tones in restrained configurations that allow each stratum of sound to be distinguished and appreciated, creating mesmerizing compositions of elusive and illusionistic sound.

Merce, Sergio: Be Nothing

Label: Edition Wandelweiser Records
Product Code: 22363
Catalog Code: EWR 1604
Country: Germany
Price: $12.95

In Stock

A beautifully ambient album of analogue synthesiser, microtonal saxophone and electronics by Argentinian saxophonist Sergio Merce, a single long track that pauses and resumes its rich tones and harmonies at a deliberate and measured pace, allowing each environment to ring.

Merce, Sergio: Microtonal Saxophone

Label: Potlatch
Product Code: 18741
Catalog Code: P114
Country: France
Price: $15.95

In Stock

Using an alto saxophone where the original mechanisms have been replaced with water, gas & compressed air taps, saxophonist Sergio Merce can microtonally move the tuning of any note and create multiphonics, allowing him to play several sonic layers while using circular breathing.