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Lingens, Hannes: Nachthund [VINYL + CD]
Lingens, Hannes:
Nachthund [VINYL + CD]

(Umlaut Records -- France )

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Three recordings from percussionist Hans Lingens in his 2nd solo album on Umlaut, working at the intersection between improvised and composed forms of experimental music: "Nacht", a montage of prerecorded layers of mostly rolls and brush sounds; and two recordings in one take using close miking as he performs on a single cymbal with mallets ("Hund") and a bass bow ("Manatee").

Lingens, Hannes: Music For Strings
Lingens, Hannes:
Music For Strings

(Edition Wandelweiser Records -- Germany )

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Four compositions for strings from German composer Hannes Lingens, including the three-part "Triptych" work performed by the Ensemble CoÔ, a septet directed by bassist Félicie Bazelair that emphasizes bowed strings; and two solo works performed by Bazelair: "Methods and Materials" & "Solo for String Instruments" employing advanced approaches to the double bass.

Lingens, Hannes: Pieces For Percussion [VINYL]
Lingens, Hannes:
Pieces For Percussion [VINYL]

(Umlaut Records -- Sweden / France / Germany )

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Compositions for percussion from Berlin drummer and accordionist Hannes Lingens (Musaeum Clausum, Antoine Beuger, Lucio Capece, &c), composed over six years, each using a restricted set of materials, instrument or instrument type, Lingens performing solo, and as a duo and quartet using overdubs, employing microphone techniques for detail and ambiance.

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