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Kuchen, Martin: Det Forsvunnas Namn [VINYL]

Label: thanatosis produktion
Product Code: 30638
Catalog Code: THTLP3
Country: Sweden
Price: $19.95

Out of Stock

Using baritone and alto saxophones, speakers and an iPod, Swedish improviser Martin Kuchen (Angles, Exploding Customer, UNSK, Looper, &c) takes his listeners on a demented tour of extended technique and curiously unexpected sounds from the saxophone, focusing on textures and non-abrasive approaches to create an abundance of unexpected and oddly engaging, concise improvisations.

Kuchen, Martin / Landaeus Trio (w/ Lanaeus / Nilsson / Aman): Mind The Gap Of Silence

Label: Clean Feed
Product Code: 29394
Catalog Code: CF552CD
Country: Portugal
Price: $14.95

In Stock

Saxophonist Martin Küchen (Angles) joins together with the Landaeus Trio of pianist Martin Landaeus, double bassist Johnny Aman, and drummer Cornelia Lisson, augmenting the sophisticated lyricism of the Landaeus piano trio with an atypically lyrical voice from Kuchen, as they are recorded in front of a live audience in the Gula Studion in Malmo, Sweden.

Kuchen, Martin & Landaeus Trio: The Pity Of It All [VINYL] [Used Item]

Label: Moserobie Music
Product Code: 29281
Catalog Code: MMPLP101
Country: Sweden
Price: $15.95

In Stock

Pianist Mathias Landaeus's trio with Johnny Aman on bass and Chris Montgomery on drums are joined by saxophonist Martin Kuchen (Angles, &c) for a limited edition LP of superb music merging free and lyrical elements for a tremendous modern jazz album.

Kuchen, Martin / Rafal Mazur: Baza [VINYL]

Label: NoBusiness
Product Code: 26799
Catalog Code: NBLP 118
Country: Lithuania
Price: $22.95

In Stock

A unique freely improvised sax and bass duo from Angles leader Martin Kuchen on alto and sopranino saxophones, and Rafal Mazur on acoustic bass guitar, recording live at BAZA Club in Krakow, Poland in 2017 they perform the two part "Baza", initiating with mastery and determination, morphing to more meditative playing, and ending with impressive assertion.

Kuchen, Martin / Ed Pettersen / Roger Turner: The End Of The Universe

Label: Split Rock Records
Product Code: 26665
Catalog Code: SRR18008
Country: USA
Price: $11.95

In Stock

Swedish saxophonist Martin Kuchen (Angles), US guitarist Ed Pettersen, and UK percussionist Roger Turner join together in London for a studio album of improvisations referencing the vastness of space through the exploration of textures and sounds, influenced by the "Interstellar Transmissions" album that improvised with the sounds of the Voyager spacecraft.

Kuchen, Martin / Mark Tokar / Arkadijus Gotesmanas: Live at Vilnius Jazz Festival [VINYL]

Label: NoBusiness
Product Code: 23034
Catalog Code: NBLP 101
Country: Lithuania
Price: $23.95

Out of Stock

A live recording from the Vilnius Jazz and Music of Silent Film Festival in 2016, performing for an adaptation of the silent film "The Lost World" by Arturas Jevdokimovas, by the trio of Martin Kuchen on sax & flute, Mark Tokar on bass, and Arkadijus Goesmanas on drums.

Kuchen, Martin / Jon Rune Strom / Tollef Ostvang: Melted Snow [VINYL]

Label: NoBusiness
Product Code: 21222
Catalog Code: NBLP89
Country: Lithuania
Price: $23.95

Out of Stock

Martin Kuchen (Angles, Fire! Orchestra, All Included, &c) on tenor and soprano sax, Jon Rune Strom on bass, and Tollef Ostvang on drums for an album of muscular playing and intense interaction, including a breakdown of All Included's "Satan In Plain Clothes".

Kuchen, Martin / Johan Berthling / Steve Noble: Night In Europe

Label: NoBusiness
Product Code: 21216
Catalog Code: NBCD 78
Country: Lithuania
Price: $15.95

Out of Stock

Swedish saxophonist Martin Kuchen (Angles, Trespass Trio, All Included) with UK drummer/percussionist Steve Noble and double bassist John Berthling in a searing album of free improvisation performed live at Glenn Miller Cafe in Stockholm in 2014.

Kuchen, Martin : ...And Everything Inside Came Down As Dust

Label: Confront
Product Code: 18995
Catalog Code: ccs 27
Country: Great Britain
Price: $13.95

Out of Stock

During his residency in Vienna as part of Johannes Heuer's "Vor Anker", Kuchen recorded these curious solo works using saxophone and preparations, 6 pieces of understated intent using unconventional approaches rewarding the active listener.