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Olsen, Lance Austin / Barry Chabala: A field of wildflowers for our lost souls

Label: Roeba
Product Code: 30318
Catalog Code: 2021.1
Country: USA
Price: $14.95

Out of Stock

Three connected journeys in drifting tones, unidentifiable and sometimes aberrant intersections and melodically abstract guitar work, composed by guitarist Lance Austin Olsen and performed with guitarist Barry Chabala, using layers of sound like an audio version of a colour field painting, emulating a field of seeds waiting for changing conditions to allow them to emerge.

Chabala, Barry / Lance Austin Olsen: Patterns For A Future Human

Label: Roeba
Product Code: 29267
Catalog Code: 2020
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

In Stock

Guitarist Barry Chabala merges musique concréte and improvisation, using recordings from painter and visual artist Lance Austin Olsen that Olsen recorded in his workshop while creating a series of large collaged and folded paintings--mutterings, physical sounds and other ephemera--which he sent to Chabala to use as a backdrop for these spaciously meditative guitar improvisations.

Winter, Gosia & Barry Chabala: Ananke

Label: Roeba
Product Code: 15072
Catalog Code: 9
Country: USA
Price: $7.95

In Stock

Avant folk artist Gosia Winter and guitarist Barry Chabala in a transcontinental collaboration suggested by Winter to bring both artists' sense of improvisation into new carefully crafted compositions.

Jones / Chabala: Undercurrents

Label: Roeba
Product Code: 12297
Catalog Code: 6
Country: USA
Price: $9.95

In Stock

Brighton, UK turntable/electronics improvisor Daniel Jones and the American guitarist Barry Chabala meet for an album of ringing and beautiful lowercase sound.

Philadelphia Company, The: #1: The First Meeting

Label: Roeba
Product Code: 08518
Catalog Code: Roeba
Country: USA
Price: $9.95

In Stock

A plater, a teacher & a drummer walk into a rehersal room... parts 1-5