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Frith, Fred / Sudhu Tewari / Cenk Ergn: Lock Me Up, Lock Me Down
Frith, Fred / Sudhu Tewari / Cenk Ergn:
Lock Me Up, Lock Me Down

(Carrier Records -- USA )

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Recorded thirteen years before this release and rediscovered during pandemic lockdowns, the improvising and extremely open-minded trio of Fred Frith on electric guitar, Sudhu Tewari on percussion (or as credited, "recuperated junk") and Cenk Ergun on electronics recorded these seven superb improvisations in the studio at Expression College for Digital Arts, in Emeryville, CA.

Ergun, Cenk: Inseln
Ergun, Cenk:

(Sacred Realism -- Germany )

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A multi-channel sound work by Turkish-American composer Cenk Ergun, Cenk Ergün, first realized as an installation for six loudspeakers at Zionskirche, Berlin in March 2021 using the vocal work of UK countertenor Rupert Enticknap, who recorded long tones and melodic fragments that Ergün composed into works of dense choirs contrasted with periods of silence.

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