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Sobek, Chloe / Tim Berne: Burning Up
Sobek, Chloe / Tim Berne:
Burning Up

(Relative Pitch -- USA )

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The first meeting between New York alto saxophonist Tim Berner and Australian string player Chloë Sobek, performing on the violone, a precursor to the modern double bass, in five improvisations recorded outside of the studio to create an intimate space for their spontaneous, articulate and well-balanced dialogs, from rapt introspection to blazing intensity.

Pateras, Anthony: A Dread of Voids
Pateras, Anthony:
A Dread of Voids

(Another Timbre -- UK )

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Two works written for a group of Australian performers living in Berlin--Jon Heilbron, Rebecca Lane, Jess Aszodi & Sam Dunscombe--by Australian composer and pianist Anthony Pateras, A Dread Of Voids developed for a residency at the Archipel Festival in Geneva after enduring a pandemic quarantine; and Patterned Language, composed for the Astra Chamber Music Society.

Rose, Jon: State of Play [2 CDs]
Rose, Jon:
State of Play [2 CDs]

(Recommended Records -- Australia )

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An expansive double album from Australian violinist and mad genius Jon Rose, in solo, duo and odd orchestral settings, including tracks with Jim Denley, Clayton Thomas, Robbie Avenaim, &c.; a project with a 32-string automaton violin + string ensemble; a work for a casino-music driven player-piano; a dueling banjo and interactively bowed violin, &c. &c.; masterfully inexplicable!

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