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BEAM SPLITTER + Lonning & Reinertsen: Beauties
BEAM SPLITTER + Lonning & Reinertsen:

(Neither/Nor Records -- USA )

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Aberrant, expressive and idiosyncratic improvisations from the merging of two unique duos--Audrey Chen on voice and Henrik Munkeby Norstebo on trombone; and Eivind Lonning on trumpet and Espen Reinertsen on tenor sax--all using electronics, recording in Norway together while in separate rooms linked by headphones to create these two beautifully strange improvisations.

Beam Splitter (Chen / Munkeby): Split Jaw [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD]
Beam Splitter (Chen / Munkeby):

(Tripticks Tapes -- USA )

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The 2nd release from the touring duo of Audrey Chen & trombonist Henrik Munkeby, Chen modifying her voice with amplification and performing on analog electronics, while Munkeby amplifies his trombone and also performs on analog electronics, feedback & sound files; often frighteningly intense improvisations that plays to the spectrum of sound in a mix of studio and live recordings.

Chen, Audrey / Phil Minton : Frothing Morse
Chen, Audrey / Phil Minton :
Frothing Morse

(Tour de Bras -- Canada )

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Two innovators of free vocal improvisation come together for a concert at Santa Chiara Nuova Church during the 2015 ImprovvisaMente festival in Lodi, Italy, setting aside Chen's cello and electronics to focus on pure voice interactions, each using their unique language and technique in a single 37 minute performance of intrepid, inexplicable and unique improv.

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