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Kromeshna / Chefkirk: Surfaces
Kromeshna / Chefkirk:

(Besperech' -- Russia )

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Mysterious sonic collaborations between Russian experimental electronic musician Vitaly Maklakov, who runs the Zaimka and Besperech' labels, and Oregon sound artist CHEFKIRK, merging field recordings and experiments with tape & synths to create five works of submerged sound amid enigmatic detail; mastered by Squidco's own Carl Kruger.

Chefkirk / Crank Sturgeon : Nice To Err With You (2 CDs)
Chefkirk / Crank Sturgeon :
Nice To Err With You (2 CDs)

(Love Earth Music -- USA )

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Bringing together two aberrant sound artist--Chefkirk, aka Roger Smith, based in Oregon; and Crank Sturgeon, aka Matt Anderson currently based in Massachusetts--for two CDs of rhythmic mayhem layered and punctuated with electronics and mutilated sounds from objects & voice, with beats that feign steadiness but derail in amusing and embraceable ways; weird fun! Mastered by Squidco's own Carl Kruger.

Chefkirk: An Obscura Edit
An Obscura Edit

(Obscura Films -- USA )

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A collection of digital video artworks presented by Orgeon sound and noise artist Chefkirk, combining improvised drone and powerful electronics into energetic works, edited and sequenced with visuals by Obscura Film's Ryan Lewis (910 Noise), presenting 8 pieces of abstract and gripping sound with complementing colorful object and silhouette motion animation.

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