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Blasco, Merche / Lucie Vitkova: Anette [2 CDs]
Blasco, Merche / Lucie Vitkova:
Anette [2 CDs]

(XI Records -- USA )

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An unusual pairing of effected accordion and a 3D printer from Czech accordionist living in NY, Lucie Vitkova, also performing on harmonica, Korg Volca Bass and Moog, and NY multimedia artist Merch Blasco, the album titled for the name of Blasco's 3D printer "Anette", which also printed the thimble-microphones she wears on her fingers to capture parts of this performance.

Chang, Leo / Lucie Vitkova: Religion [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD]
Chang, Leo / Lucie Vitkova:

(Tripticks Tapes -- USA )

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Unusually orchestrated, spacious and exotic free improvisation from New York-based musicians Lucie Vítková, originally from Czech Republic and performing on accordion, hichiriki (a Japanese double reed flute), synth & harmonica, and Korean-born improviser Leo Chang performing on VOCALNORI (Amplified Gongs via Voice) and Piri (a Korean double reed instrument).

Rosenthal, Dean: Stones/Water/Time/Breath
Rosenthal, Dean:

(Edition Wandelweiser Records -- Austria )

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American composer Dean Rosenthal's influential performance piece written in 2012 and performed more than 40 times throughout the world, a site-specific piece for any outside body of water with any number of performers, using stones to create percussive sounds in the water, here in five live performances from Newfoundland to New York to Wilbraham, MA (the composer's hometown).

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