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Gregoretti, Francesco : Solid Layers, Deafening Shapes

Label: Toxo Records
Product Code: 29446
Catalog Code: TX06
Country: Italy
Price: $10.95

In Stock

A solo percussion album from Francesco Gregoretti, employing traditional instruments and unusual object to create unique audio environment that use predictable rhythmic elements against capricious approaches, giving his playing a personal style fueled by resonance and natural feedback; an album that balances chaotic and structured environments in riveting ways.

Oddly Imploded (Gregoretti / Argenziano): They Just Sit About

Label: Shhpuma
Product Code: 28098
Catalog Code: SHH054CD
Country: Portugal
Price: $11.95

In Stock

Italian sonic explorer Francesco Gregoretti uses his drumkit like a lead instrument, amplifying and modifying its sound through effects, as he pursues his varied "Imploded" bands (Strongly Imploded, Grizzly Imploded) fueled by the mathematics of Chaos Theory, here with guitarist Maurizio Argenziano in an album of dense sound, from near-minimal to highly interactive.