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Bucher / Tan / Countryman: Blue Spontaneity

Label: FMR
Product Code: 29426
Catalog Code: FMR579
Country: UK
Price: $14.95

In Stock

Drawn from 3 days of recording in July 2019, after more than 6 years of collaboration in the Philippines between drummer Christian Bucher, alto saxophonist Rick Countryman, and bassist Simon Tan, and released as a complement to their "Empathy" album, in trio improvisations, plus the title track a duo between Bucher & Countryman; a melodic and well-balanced album of free jazz.

Bucher / Tan / Countryman: Empathy

Label: FMR
Product Code: 28436
Catalog Code: 555-1119
Country: UK
Price: $14.95

In Stock

Rick Countryman on alto saxophone, Simon Tan on bass, and Christian Bucher on drums cover diverse territory while letting each player stand out in this studio album of collective improvisation, their frequent collaborations allowing them to evoke a strong degree of melodicism among spontaneous interaction, from energetic grooves to ballads to beautiful textural work.

Bucher / Countryman: Estuary

Label: Self Released
Product Code: 25828
Catalog Code: None
Country: Philippines
Price: $9.95

In Stock

A live concert in the Philippines from American expatriate saxophonist Rick Countryman and visiting Swiss drummer Christian Bucher, a classic free jazz drum and sax duo informed by creative playing and superb rhythmic interplay, balancing lyrical progressions with a wonderful stream of concepts, this is a great example of the far reach of free jazz.