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Freed, Moss / Union Division: Micromotives [2 CDs]
Freed, Moss / Union Division:
Micromotives [2 CDs]

(Discus -- UK )

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Seeking new methods of performing real-time collective composition through improvisation, composer & guitarist Moss Freed developed a language of hand signals that could be used among a large ensemble with instructions to guide players towards particular activities, heard in this spectacular set of seven improvisations, each named for an iconic improviser or composer.

Frasch, Heather / Ryoko Akama: Linking
Frasch, Heather / Ryoko Akama:

(Ftarri / Meenna -- Japan )

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US sound artists Heather Frasch and UK Ryoko Akama, who together run the mumei journal exploring the relationship between text and sound, in works commissioned by Bruno Duplant based on written texts, each interpreted, recorded and edited by the other using objects, field recordings, electronics, cello & voice, with one piece from Frasch and two versions from Akama.

Insub Meta Orchestra: 13 & 27
Insub Meta Orchestra:
13 & 27

(Another Timbre -- UK )

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Coordinated and composed by d'incise and Cyril Bondi, this incredible Swiss-based collective of 30 to 40 experimental musicians was founded in 2010 and has presented concerts and recordings since; this CD presents two works, "13 unissons" splitting the orchestra into 13 subgroups; and "27 times" where each musician plays 27 times in 30 minutes; phenomenal.

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