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Gargaud, Guillaume: 17 Compositions

Label: New Focus Recordings
Product Code: 31211
Catalog Code: pan23
Country: Greece
Price: $12.95

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A compilation of improvised steel-string acoustic guitar works framed by pitch and intervallic restrictions, from French composer and guitarist Guillaume Gargaud, 17 succinct pieces that evade standard jazz vocabulary while integrating influences from Messiaen to Webern to Cecil Taylor, paced in contemplative and sophisticated style.

Gargaud, Guillaume / Eero Savela: Helsinki

Label: Plus Timbre
Product Code: 30018
Catalog Code: PT109
Country: Greece
Price: $8.40

In Stock

A lovely album of friendly improvisation in the 1st meeting of French guitarist Guillaume Gargaud, who works in improvised music and composition for contemporary dance and film, and Finnish trumpeter Eero Savela, whose work is in dance, theater, circus and media art, this concert at the former mental hospital Lapinlahti finding the two exploring with lyrical insightfulness.

Gargaud, Guillaume: Strange Memories

Label: Setola Di Maiale / Chant
Product Code: 29682
Catalog Code: CR2009GU
Country: Italy
Price: $14.95

In Stock

Guitarist/composer Guillaume Gargaud of Le Havre, France steps away from his more typical electric guitar work for an album of acoustic guitar improvisations, freely associative playing of rich harmonic and melodic development, from ostensibly meandering fragility to powerful chord work, revealing a strong and confident center through imaginative progressions that captivate his listeners.

Gargaud, Guillaume: Miniatures

Label: Self Released
Product Code: 28908
Catalog Code: None
Country: France
Price: $11.95

In Stock

Twenty miniature compositions for acoustic guitar from French composer and improviser Guillaume Gargaud, each under one and a half minutes, the shortest just 53 seconds, each composed in 12 measures creating a lovely reflective and introspective set of abstract melodies, poetic and evocative music from a player dedicated to solo guitar work.

Greene, Burton / Guillaume Gargaud: Magic Intensity

Label: Chant Record
Product Code: 28907
Catalog Code: None
Country: USA
Price: $14.95

In Stock

Renowned pianist and composer Burton Greene joins French composer and improvising guitarist Guillaume Gargaud performing on acoustic guitar, for four duo improvisations recorded at Tilo's Ark, in Weesp, The Netherlands in 2019, in crisp & often rapid dialog that uses space and reflective moments well, the duo joined by Tilo Baumheier on flute for three pieces.

Edwards, Marc / Guillaume Gargaud: Black Hole Universe

Label: Atypeek Music
Product Code: 28618
Catalog Code: None
Country: USA
Price: $14.95

In Stock

A shredding session between French improvisational guitarist Guillaume Gargaud and NY free jazz drummer Marc Edwards (Slipstream Time Travel), recorded in Queens, NY in 2017, for 5 rapid-fire displays of pyrotechnics and attentive dialog, as they take themselves to the cliff's edge and back in a dizzying album of dense technical dexterity and harmolodic force.

Lebegue, Francois / Guillaume Gargaud / Ernesto Rodrigues / Eduardo Chagas : Sound Bridge

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 24264
Catalog Code: cs442
Country: Portugal
Price: $12.00

In Stock


Urban Scales (Lebegue / Gargaud): Ztext

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 23918
Catalog Code: cs411
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

In Stock