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Ensemble Nist-Nah: Elders
Ensemble Nist-Nah:

(Black Truffle -- Australia )

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The debut of Ensemble Nist-Nah, a nine-piece collective group of French percussionists led by Nantes-based Australian drummer and percussionist Will Guthrie, incorporating a diverse set of influences including Gamelan performance, contemporary composition, noise and jazz into rich and ecstatic performances, an exciting album of informed approaches to modern and traditional percussion.

Parker, Evan / Mark Nauseef / Toma Gouband : As The Wind
Parker, Evan / Mark Nauseef / Toma Gouband :
As The Wind

(psi -- Spain )

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A brilliant album of subtle and masterful improvisation recorded in 2012 at and using the reverb of the St. Peters church in Whitstable by soprano saxophonist Evan Parker with two percussionists: Toma Gouband on lithophone-based percussion and Mark Nauseef on metallophone-based percussion.

Fenetre Ovale (Risser / Ruhl / Billet / Gouband): Deuxieme Volet
Fenetre Ovale (Risser / Ruhl / Billet / Gouband):
Deuxieme Volet

(Umlaut Records -- Sweden / France / Germany )

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Transcendental and exceptional improvisation in the 2nd release from the Fenetre Ovale project, with composer Karl Naegelen and improvisers Eve Risser (piano) and Joris Ruhl (clarinet), expanded with the arrival of percussionist Toma Gouband and violinist Amaryllis Billet.

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