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Magee, Massimo: Networking
Magee, Massimo:

(Orbit577 -- USA )

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With each solo intended for a specific recipient, London saxophonist Magee recorded a series of improvisations during the pandemic isolations, retaining two of the recordings as pure solo Magee, the others virtual duos with: Travis D. Johnson on synth, Tim Green on drums, Joshua Weitze on guitar, A.F. Jones for resampling, Thomas Milovac on bass, and Lance Austin Olsen on guitar.

Sanson, Gil / Lance Austin Olsen: Works on Paper [2 CDs]
Sanson, Gil / Lance Austin Olsen:
Works on Paper [2 CDs]

(elsewhere -- USA )

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Two meticulous works in two parts each using layered collage of acoustic instruments, objects, electronics, field recordings, voices, fragments of past compositions and early classical music samples, with A.F. Jones providing voice narration, from Venezuelan composer/artist Gil Sanson and Canadian-based composer/painter Lance Austin Olsen: "Pra Min" and "Meditations".

Steerage: Entropy Is What The State Makes Of It
Entropy Is What The State Makes Of It

(Caduc -- Canada )

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An album of tones and tonal environments from Barry Chabala and A.F. Jones, using guitars and effects to create slowly moving tones punctuated with unusual utterances of unknown origin; rich and curiously non-specific sound that lives in the back- and foreground.

Jones, A.F.: Rearward Through Forgottenness
Jones, A.F.:
Rearward Through Forgottenness

(Laminal Recordings -- USA )

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A compendium of compositions and improvisations from 2009-13 by undersea acoustician and audio engineer A.F. Jones, who uses stringed instruments and analog devices, hand-crafted and found, in works that emphasize structural components such as timbre, tone, or attack over form.

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