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Amalgamated (Bengsten / Newell / Klampe / Richards): To

Label: Aubjects
Product Code: 30860
Catalog Code: AUJX 14
Country: USA
Price: $22.95

In Stock

Crossing experimental sound and rhythmic approaches that blend elements of electronic music, krautrock, noise, electronica and indescribable sonic environments, the quartet of Cory Bengtsen, Bob Newell, Phillip Klampe and Mike Richards are heard in their 6th full-length release, an embraceable and well-paced album of compelling beats and sonic surprises.

Amalgamated / Odd Person : Anthropodermic Ixii [CASSETTE]

Label: Bicephalic
Product Code: 21913
Catalog Code: bc019
Country: USA
Price: $7.95

In Stock

Part of a series of 8 split release cassettes, all hand-painted & numbered; this release presents the collaborative long-form improvisation noise project Amalgamated backed with Odd Person, the ongoing project of Bicephalic label leader August Traeger.

Gushing Cloud: Beat Wings In Vain

Label: IntangibleCat
Product Code: 17939
Catalog Code: CAT-18
Country: USA
Price: $11.95

In Stock

Cory Bengtsen's (aka Gushing Cloud) first full length is an album of melodic electronics and guitar, collaborating on tracks with Cheer-Accident's Thymme Jones, Dog Hallucination's D. Petri, and Lovely Little Girls' Alex Perkolup.

Amalgamated: Spark II [3" CDR]

Label: IntangibleCat
Product Code: 17933
Catalog Code: CAT-17
Country: USA
Price: $3.95

In Stock

The 2nd of two 3" CDs formed out of material recorded by the Amalgamated quarter before a live audience at short-lived La Salle, Illinois music venue The Spark in November, 2007, edgier and more complex than the 1st release.