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Jones, Jean Claude (JC) / and friends: Nucleous

Label: Kadima
Product Code: 30728
Catalog Code: KCR 53
Country: Israel
Price: $9.95

In Stock

The fifth in bassist, guitarist and Kadima label-leader JC Jones "Distance Series", works assembled through virtual sessions with associated artists, Jones performing on Spanish guitar which he plays as a lap guitar, on Nucleous creating a set of five unusual vocal works with internationally reknown vocalists Meira Asher, Esti Kenan-Ofri, Anat Pick and Josef Sprinzak.

Asher, Meira / JC Jones: Myelination 2

Label: Kadima
Product Code: 17786
Catalog Code: KCR 37
Country: Israel
Price: $9.95

In Stock

Spontaneous organic interactions over sounds from the vibrations of the myelin sheath, the protective insulating cover of the nervous system, from bassist JC Jones and vocalist, no-input mixer and Doepfer synthesizer player Meira Asher.