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Frey, Jurg : Collection Gustave Roud [2 CDs]
Frey, Jurg :
Collection Gustave Roud [2 CDs]

(Another Timbre -- UK )

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A double CD with five beautiful pieces that engage with the work of the extraordinary French-Swiss poet Gustave Roud, with performers including Dante Boon, Stefan Thut, Andrew McIntosh and Jurg Frey himself, 10 compositions that Frey wrote in the manner that Roud would, roaming with a sketchbook and developing the pieces based on impressions of his surroundings.

Rosenberger, Katharina: Texturen (2007 - 2011)
Rosenberger, Katharina:
Texturen (2007 - 2011)

(Hat [now] ART -- Switzerland )

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"Texturen" for seven musicians and eight other works from composer Katharina Rosenberger, blending acoustics, electronics and voice in inventive ways, as performed by the NY Wet Ink Ensemble.

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