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Fraser, Nick / Kris Davis / Tony Malaby (with Laubrock & Allemano): Zoning
Fraser, Nick / Kris Davis / Tony Malaby (with Laubrock & Allemano):

(Astral Spirits -- USA )

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Recording in Toronto, the core trio of drummer Nick Fraser, saxophonist Tony Malaby and pianist Kris Davis are joined on four tracks by tenor saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock and trumpeter Lina Allemano, in an album of composed and collective improvisation, merging Toronto, NY and European influences in an accomplished album of diverse approaches and orchestrations.

Fujii, Satoko: Ninety-Nine Years
Fujii, Satoko:
Ninety-Nine Years

(Libra -- Japan )

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Composer-pianist Satoko Fujii's new Orchestra Berlin, a ten-piece ensemble, presents a powerful work written specifically for this group in thought-provoking compositions of and uninhibited energy, with performers including saxophonists Gebhard Ullmann, Paulina Owczarek & Matthias Schubert, trombonist Matthias Muller, bassist Jan Roder, and drummers Peter Orins and Michael Griener.

Gill, Tania: Bolger Station
Gill, Tania:
Bolger Station

(Barnyard -- Canada )

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Pianist Tania Gill with Lina Allemano on trumpet, Clinton Ryder on bass and Jean Martin on drums, music informed by American song forms, Bartok, free improvisation and the northern Ontario landscape.

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