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Sick Boss (Schmidt / Meger / Peggy Lee / JP Carter / Naylor / Page): Sick Boss

Label: Drip Audio
Product Code: 24209
Catalog Code: DAO1324
Country: Canada
Price: $13.95

In Stock

A richly refined and sophisticated album drawing on improvisation, experimenation and rock elements from the collaborative Vancouver ensemble Sick Boss of core members guitarist Cole Schmidt, bassist James Meger and drummer Daniel Gaucher, with guests including guitarist Tony Wilson, cellist Peggy Lee, trumpeter JP Carter, synth player Tyson Naylor, &c. &c.

Fond of Tigers: Uninhabit

Label: Drip Audio
Product Code: 23219
Catalog Code: OFF007
Country: Canada
Price: $12.95

In Stock

The 4th album in 14 years from this instrumental Vancouver 7-piece avant rock band exploring both heavy and beautiful sonic environments; the band shares members with The Tony Wilson 6Tet, Dark Blue World, Aeroplane Trio, with Drip Audio leader Jesse Zubot on violin.

Hobson's Choice: Of The Waves

Label: Barnyard
Product Code: 16623
Catalog Code: BR0329
Country: Canada
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Canada's songwriting Hobson's Choice has developed into a tightly knit ensemble embracing elements of jazz, chamber, and singer-songwriter traditions, with sound-worlds ranging from midnight deep-woods marimba ballads to sunny cicada-sung anthems.

Fond of Tigers: Release The Saviours

Label: Drip Audio
Product Code: 09019
Catalog Code: DA00239
Country: Canada
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Since 2003 this Vancouver septet has merged jazz, improv, electro-acoustic, and progressive/avant musics into an exhilarating ordered chaos of highly listenable music.