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Koenjihyakkei: Nivraym Revisted [VINYL COLORED 2 LPs]

Label: Skin Graft Records
Product Code: 32917
Catalog Code: LP-GRA-147C
Country: Japan/USA
Price: $43.95

In Stock

Originally released in 2001 on the Magaibutsu label, the 3rd studio album from Japan's Koenjihyakkei led by drummer/vocalist Yoshida Tatsuya energetically blends progressive rock, chamber rock, fusion and composed forms, here revisited for the 2nd time with the 2009 expanded reissue remixed again with new additions, plus three bonus tracks from a 2020 concert.

Atsushi / Tatsuya / Makoto: Japanese New Music Festival Japan Tour 2022

Label: Magaibutsu Limited
Product Code: 32023
Catalog Code: MGC-65
Country: Japan
Price: $17.95

In Stock

Recordings from the 2022 Japanese New Music Festival Japan Tour from the trio of Tsuyama Atsushi on bass, guitar & piano, Yoshida Tatsuya on drums, synth and vocals, and Kawabata Makoto on guitar, bass and vocals, selecting the best tracks from the tour into a collection of 15 psychedelic, progressive, experimental and uncategorizable rock forms!

Yoshida, Tatsuya / Risa Takeda: SUPERHELIX [CD + DOWNLOAD VIDEOS]

Label: Magaibutsu Limited
Product Code: 32021
Catalog Code: MGC-64
Country: Japan
Price: $17.95

In Stock

Fifteen rock instrumentals between drummer Tatsuya Yoshida and pianist & keyboardist Risa Takeda, generally high-speed, technically superb and melodically infused pieces of imaginative creativity with a quirky sense of humor, augmented with Yoshida's vocalizing and effect processing from both; includes a download sheet for 15 high-def movies, one for each track on the album.

Kazuto, Shimizu / Yoshida Tatsuya: Whatchamacallits [CD + DOWNLOAD MOVIE LINK]

Label: Magaibutsu Limited
Product Code: 32020
Catalog Code: MGIS-04
Country: Japan
Price: $17.95

In Stock

A live recording at Koenji Jirokichi in 2022 between Magaibtusu leader Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins, Korekyojinn, Koenji Hyakkei, PYN, &c) and pianist Kazuto Shimizu (Arepos, Chakra, Hikashu, Killing Time, Lars Hollmer's Global Home Project, &c), both on vocals as they unfold a playful and technically incredible set of "Doodads", "Watchamacallits" and other wonderful curiosities.

Yoshida, Tatsuya / Dairo Suga: Root

Label: Doubtmusic
Product Code: 31451
Catalog Code: dmf-173
Country: Japan
Price: $17.95

In Stock

Driven by a passionate intensity, this first meeting of drummer Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins, Korekyojinn, Koenji Hyakkei, &c) and pianist Dario Suga at 7th Floor in Shibuya, Japan begins at high speed, the sheer technical brilliance of both players dazzling, their unbridled energy eventually yielding to passages of introspection that recur to fervor and fraternity; exceptional!

PYN (Pittard / Yoshida / Nasuno): L'elan Createur

Label: Magaibutsu Limited
Product Code: 22331
Catalog Code: MGC-51
Country: Japan
Price: $15.95

In Stock

Following their 2015 album "Songs for children who don't want to sleep", the quartet of Yan Pittard on guitar & oud, Mitsuru Nasuno on bass, Maki Nakano on vocals, and Tatsuya Yoshida on drums present this soundtrack album, which translates to "the creative urge".

Fujii, Satoko Quartet: Angelona

Label: Libra
Product Code: 08067
Catalog Code: 204-014
Country: Japan
Price: $13.95

Out of Stock

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