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Lacy, Steve / Andrea Centazzo / Kent Carter: Trio Live [VINYL]
Lacy, Steve / Andrea Centazzo / Kent Carter:
Trio Live [VINYL]

(Ictus -- Italy )

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Recorded a few days after the Ictus duo album Clangs of percussionist and label leader Andrea Centazzo and soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy, this 1977 release presents the joyfully sophisticated 1976 concert in Udine, Italy of the percussionist & saxophonist joined in a trio with double bassist Kent Carter, performing 5 improvisations including the 3-part "Tao" series.

Bley, Paul Trio: Touching & Blood, Revisited
Bley, Paul Trio:
Touching & Blood, Revisited

(ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd -- Austria )

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Reissuing two essential and innovative piano trio albums: Paul Bley Trio's 1965 album Touching with Bley on piano, Kent Carter on double bass and Barry Altschul on drums, plus the title track from the 1967 Bley album In Haarlem - Blood with Altschul and Mark Levinson taking the double bass roll, performing compositions by Paul Bley, Carla Bley and Annette Peacock.

Bradford, Bobby: Love's Dream
Bradford, Bobby:
Love's Dream

(EMANEM -- Great Britain )

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Jorgensmann, Theo: Fellowship
Jorgensmann, Theo:

(Hatology -- Switzerland )

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