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#147 Winter 2024 [MAGAZINE + CD]

Musicworks: #147 Winter 2024 [MAGAZINE + CD] (Musicworks)

Winter 2024 issue of Canada's premiere new music magazine, with Saxophonist Andrew MacKelvie on the cover; plus features on Indonesia's Music Subculture; Sonny-Ray Day Ride; Solidaridad Tango; A History of the Canadian Electronic Ensemble; plus album reviews, essays and a CD of tracks from artists covered in the magazine.

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Nicole Rampersaud

Olivia Shortt

Andrew MacKelvie

Ellen Gibling

India Gailey

Jerry Granelli

Mike Murley

Dani Oore

Andrew Jackson

Rani Jambak


Ican Harem

Aparna Halpe

Sonny Ray Day Rider

Roxanne Nesbitt

Anju Singh

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Label: Musicworks
Catalog ID: 147
Squidco Product Code: 34567

Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: Canada
Packaging: Magazine and CD

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

On the Cover: "Listening to the Aggregate: Saxophonist Andrew MacKelvie is seeking what the music wants." Words and photos by Matt Horseman.

Features: "The Communal Energy of Indonesia's Music Subculture is Reaching Global Stages" by Sara Constant. "The Joy and Commitment of Solidaridad Tango" by Kim Hughes. "Nicole Rampersaud Takes a Solo" by Eric Hill.

More stories: "Queering the Sacred: Sonny-Ray Day Rider is opening gates to a different world" by Jesse Locke."Currently Arts Society is Activating the Future" by C.E. Gatchalian. "Pseudo Laboratories: Prairie Underground Captured on Tape" by Patrick Nickleson. "Group Thinking" by Jennie Punter (editor's note).

Reviews of new music from: Kris Davis; Sophie Dupuis; Jeremy Dutcher; Eve Egoyan and Mauricio Pauly; Experimental Music Unit; ICOT Chamber Orchestra; Dana Jessen and Taylor Brook; Mark Takeshi McGregor; Cassandra Miller; New Age Doom; Paramorph Collective; Alessandra Rombolà; and Thin Edge New Music Collective and Linda Catlin Smith.

Events: Akousma, 19th edition (Montreal)

Words and Music: Alexa Woloshyn. An Orchestra at My Fingertips: A History of the Canadian Electronic Ensemble.

Musicworks 147 CD

1. Natural Decay, excerpt (2023) 9:34 Composed by Nicole Rampersaud. Performed by Nicole Rampersaud and Olivia Shortt.

2. Naturally Spaced (2017) 2:22 Composed by Andrew MacKelvie, with the members of New Hermitage. Performed by New Hermitage: Andrew MacKelvie (saxophone), Ellen Gibling (harp), Ross Burns (guitar), and India Gailey (cello). From New Hermitage's album One (self-released, 2017).

3. Light Through the Rubble (2018) 2:00 Composed and performed by New Hermitage.From New Hermitage's album Unearth (self-released, 2020)

4. Another Place (date unknown) 4:48 Composed by Jerry Granelli.Performed by Mike Murley (tenor saxophone), Dani Oore (tenor, soprano saxophones), Andrew MacKelvie (alto saxophone), and Andrew Jackson (trombone). From the Jerry Granelli album What I Hear Now (2015).

5. Forest Station / Stasiun Hutan / 森林站 (2022) 6:33 Composed and performed by Rani Jambak. From the album 《O-ksi氣-2》/ Oxygen (Yes No Wave Music, 2023) by Rani Jambak and Yenting Hsu.

6. Sangkakala (2018) 1:50

7. Nyonyon Rangda (2018) 3:04 Both tracks composed and performed by Gabber Modus Operandi (Kasimyn, computer and synth; Ican Harem, vocals). From Gabber Modus Operandi's debut album, PUXXXIMAXXX (Yes No Wave Music, 2018).

8. If Not Today (2022) 3:25 Composed by Aparna Halpé. Performed by Solidaridad Tango.

9. Pompeya (2023) 2:40 Performed by Solidaridad Tango.

10. Deriva (2023) 3:33 Composed by Pétalo Selser. Performed by Solidaridad Tango. Tracks 8, 9, and 10 from Distancia (3AM Fish Records Catalogue #1, 2023).

11. The Grief Eater Firaga (2023) I. Blood Offering 2:18 | II. Blood Elegy 6:55 Composed by Sonny-Ray Day Rider. Performed by the Kensington Sinfonia. From the album Forces of Nature (Redshift Records, TK542).

12. Interwoven 6:06 (2023) Composed and performed by Roxanne Nesbitt (custom-made bells), Anju Singh (violin, electronics). Previously unreleased.

Artist Biographies

"Trumpet Player, Composer, and Improviser Nicole Rampersaud has a singular voice that intersects with a broad range of musical practices and traditions. Her intrepid listening and boundless curiosity have made her an internationally sought-after collaborator throughout several musical communities.

Nicole's individualistic versatility has led to collaborations with many of the leading innovators in contemporary music: Anthony Braxton, Joe Morris, Ra-kalam Bob Moses, Sandro Perri, and many more. Her primary groups include Brass Knuckle Sandwich (with pianist Marilyn Lerner), a duo with guitarist Joel LeBlanc, and she is a founding member of the trio c_RL alongside Allison Cameron and Germaine Liu. She relentlessly seeks out and creates spaces to work with a diverse and expanding group of music-makers as a means of exploring and nurturing new connections between creative practices.

Since 2008, Nicole has been building a catalogue of solo compositions that deconstruct the trumpet's sonic possibilities. In solo performances, Nicole improvises composites of her pieces in the moment, resulting in compelling structures that engage audiences in the creation of a connected experience. In 2021, she co-founded the improvisation-driven series, Understory, that uses technology to reimagine collaboration between improvising artists across Canada."

-Nicole Rampersaud Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Natural Decay, excerpt 9:37

2. Naturally Spaced 2:26

3. Light Through the Rubble 2:03

4. Another Place 4:52

5. Forest Station / Stasiun Hutan / 森林站 6:36

6. Sangkakala 1:53

7. Nyonyon Rangda 3:08

8. If Not Today 3:29

9. Pompeya 2:44

10. Deriva 3:36

11. The Grief Eater Firaga, I. Blood Offering 2:19

12. The Grief Eater Firaga, II. Blood Elegy 6:58

13. Interwoven 6:06

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