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Armonicord (Querlier / Minor / Houari / Traindl)

Libres (Festival de Massy 26 Octobre 1975) [Used Item]

Armonicord (Querlier / Minor / Houari / Traindl): Libres (Festival de Massy 26 Octobre 1975) <i>[Use (Fou Records)

Four free players from the assertive history of French free jazz--Jean Querlier on alto saxophone & soprano oboe, Jouk Minor on baritone & sopranino saxophones, Rachid Houari (the original drummer for Gong) on drums and Joseph Traindl on trombone--are heard in this exceptional and determined set performing two compositions by Jouk Minor at the 1st Massy Independent Festival in 1975.

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Jean Querlier-alto saxophone, soprano oboe

Jouk Minor-baritone saxophone, sopranino saxophone

Rachid Houari-drums

Joseph Traindl-trombone

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UPC: 3491570055526

Label: Fou Records
Catalog ID: FR-CD 53
Squidco Product Code: 34373

Format: CD
Condition: VG
Released: 2023
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded live at the gymnasium of Massy France, on October 26th, 1975, by Francis Baltazar.

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"Armonicord. In 1977 an album was released in the name of Armonicord, of which I have just found a copy through a mutual friend: Esprits de Sel. Having heard of the album's release at that time, the memory of the presence of harpsichordist Odile Bailleux and drummer Christian Lété undoubtedly made me imagine a possible sort of chamber music. In the cover, we can admire the graphic scores of baritone saxophonist Jouk Minor, all in curves and ellipses with instrument and timing indications.

A mention also: This disc is dedicated to Rachid Houari. Rachid is indeed the drummer credited on the cover of the Libres CD. He was part of the legendary group Gong and recorded their first album Magick Brother (BYG Actuel 5) with Daevid Allen, Gilly Smyth, bassist Christian Tritsch and saxophonist Didier Malherbe in 1969, before being replaced by Laurie Allen and then Pip Pyle for Flying Teapot, Electric Camembert, etc. Magick Brother was also credited with the participation of double bassists Barre Phillips, Earl Freeman and Dieter Gewiffler as well as pianist Burton Greene. Rachid was the drummer on the stage of the Amougies festival, that says it all. We also find Rachid Houari in the Camembert Éclectic and Continental Circus sessions.

In this Libres d'Armonicord, we discover here a solid free-jazz drummer in the tradition of Steve Mc Call, Don Moye and co who then resided and toured in Europe (1968 and 1969). The leader and "composer" of the group was Jouk Minor, here credited with baritone and sopranino sax. For readers who are fond of vintage free-music emotions, it is worth remembering the existence of Candles of Vision where Jouk Minor sets the stage in the company of Pierre Favre and trombonist Eje Thelin, an album recorded in June 72 by the ORF in Graz and published by the Calig label whose catalog contains Nipples by Brötzmann (with Bennink Van Hove and Parker/Bailey on the B side), Gesprächsfetzen and Live in Sommerhausen by Marion Brown and Gunther Hampel with the enormous Buschi Niebergall in the first, the fairy Jeanne Lee in the second and Steve Mc Call in both. Also a curiously experimental album by Wolfgang Dauner and Karl Berger's We Are You with Peter Kowald and Allen Blairman. Candles of Vision is located in the "Teutonic" hard-free movement and shares the same instrumentation as King Alcohol by Rudiger Carl with Christmann and Schönenberg recently reissued by John Corbett.

This is not quite the spirit of this Quartet, but here we find an Austrian trombonist Jozef Traindl, from the legendary Reform Art Unit. Traindl also recorded in Opium For Franz with Steve Lacy and Franz Koglmann on side B (side A: Bill Dixon trio with Alan Silva and Stephen Horenstein 1975)... as well as with Machi Oul Big Band, Pierre Barouh... As for the saxophonist and oboist Jean Querlier is a must in French free-jazz, an excellent melodist in a more formal and lyrical aesthetic, with more structured themes and improvisations, known for his work in the group Confluence with Didier Levallet, Jean Charles Capon, Christian Lété and also Clivage, Soleil Noir, Didier Levallet, René Bottlang, etc...

The two pieces - compositions by Jouk Minor, Contact (21:12) and Un Goût de Rouge (17:01) were recorded during the 1st Massy Independent Festival on October 26, 1975, an unmissable event orchestrated by Raymond Boni's band , Gérard Terronès and co. On the bill: Archie Shepp Quartet (2LP Ujaama-Unité label Unitélédis), an anthology of avant-garde guitarists: Raymond Boni, the scathing and punk tandem avant la lettre Jean François Pauvros & Gaby Bizien, Derek Bailey (who invited as an impromptu duet with Tristan Honsinger who was begging on the way) Ornette Coleman's Skies of America, Steve Lacy (whose text written for the festival program is reproduced in the CD cover) and I forget... What an era !

To listen to on headphones: to be able to better localize the strikes of Rachid Houari, polyrhythmic and whirling drummer with great dynamics and mastery of pulsations. Excellent drummer. The three blowers clear the air and Jean Querlier is unrecognizable, guiltily giving in to delirium, screaming and these damned heightened harmonics, which constitute the stock in trade of Jouk Minor, often unleashed. So Querlier, similarities with Dolphy and Lyons. Minor more sound seeker. Joseph Traindl supports and accentuates the effervescent jungle atmosphere of Armonicord. Obviously, the recording is not optimal, but this recording is enough to give you an idea of the physical and mental commitment of this quartet of geeks. And yet, the four musicians scrupulously follow Jouk Minor's precise instructions, which constitute a springboard to take off and move in space and time with great ease."-Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg

Artist Biographies

Jean Querlier is a French saxophonist who also plays other wind instruments like oboe and flute. He is known for the groups Aïré, Alex Grillo Quintet, Armonicord, Bekummernis, Christian Escoudé Quintet, Clivage, Confluence, Didier Levallet Quintet, Imbroglio (4), Morange & Fertier, René Bottlang Quintet, The Celestrial Communication Orchestra, Wooden Ear.

-Discogs (

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Jouk Minor is a French saxophonist, known for the group Armonicord, and for the trio with Pierre Favre and Eje Thelin.

-Discogs (

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Rachid Houari, born in Morocco was drummer, known most notably as the first drummer of Gong, from Sept.1969 to April 1971. He died in 1973.

-Discogs (

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"Joseph Traindl was an Austrian jazz trombonist born in 1947 in Vienna (Austria) and died on September 2, 2008 in the same city. His first name is also spelled Josef.

As a child, he studied classical guitar, then decided to adopt the trombone1.

He discovered jazz in 1961 thanks to the records his older brother listened to. He plays either guitar or trombone in various amateur orchestras.

At the end of his secondary studies, he studied the trombone for two years at the Prayner Konservatorium in Vienna, then left Vienna for Paris in 1967. He then studied the trombone and music theory at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Boulogne- Billancourt (which he left in 1972), as well as musicology at the Sorbonne (from 1969 to 1971).

From 1971, he was part of the Machi Oul Big Band of brothers Manuel and Patricio Villarroel. In 1971, he appeared in a few tracks on a record by singer Pierre Barouh.

From 1973 to 1977, he worked alongside musicians from the French scene in different groups or recordings such as Cesarius Alvim, Jean-François Canape, Steve Lacy, Jacques Mahieux, Gérard Marais, Sylvain Marc, François Méchali, Jean-Louis Méchali, Mico Nissim, Richard Raux, Aldo Romano, Jef Sicard, François Tusques, Bernard Vitet.

We also see him from 1973 in Alan Silva's Celestrial Communication Orchestra.

In 1976, he was part of the quartet formed by Daunik Lazro with Jean-Jacques Avenel and Jonathan Dickinson. In 1977, we heard him in the album of the group Armonicord, Esprits de sel, led by the saxophonist Jouk Minor (with Jean Querlier, Odile Bailleux, Christian Lété), whom he joined in 1975.

At the same time, he continued to make occasional contributions to Austrian orchestras: Improvising Music Orchestra (1975-1978), Reform Art Unit (1976) conducted by Fritz Novotny (de)2. In 1978 he recorded in Austria with the Austrian avant-garde group Athanor, with Claus Mayrhofer Barabbas (Harun Ghulam Barabbas), Walter Malli (de), Richard Ahmad Pechoc.

In 1982, he founded the Tatitu Tatatu quintet bringing together Viennese and Parisian musicians (Franz Koglmann, Walter Malli (de), Jean-Louis Méchali, Gus Németh) then performed in April 1983 with this group at the Wiener Musik Galerie in Vienna in as part of the Tatitu Tatatu Festival3.

In 1985, with Jean-François Canape, he led a jazz big band of amateur musicians at the Manu Musicale, a rehearsal and concert venue created in Paris by Jef Sicard.

In 1990, after the death of his father, he returned to live in Vienna4, playing with musicians like Burkhard Stangl (de), Oskar Aichinger, Werner Dafeldecker (de), before gradually retiring from the stage.

In 1992, he translated Woody Herman's autobiography The Woodchopper's Ball from American into German. In 2001, he contributed to the multimedia project Das Wesen - Being at the Semperdepot in Vienna. In 2003, he was heard at the Porgy & Bess (de) jazz club in Vienna during an evening tribute to the Austrian drummer Gerhard Herrmann.

He died on September 2, 2008 from cancer.

He is the composer of 6 titles deposited with SACEM."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (

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Track Listing:

1. Contact 21:12

2. Libres (Festival de Massy 26 Octobre 1975) 17:02

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