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Furtado, Vasco / Salome Amend / Luise Volkmann: Aforismos (Phonogram Unit)

After a first meeting at an improvised music festival, the trio of Portuguese drummer Vasco Furtad, Wuppertal-based drummer/vibraphonist Salome Amend and German alto saxophonist Luise Volkmann agreed to meet again in the studio to record these five collective improvisations, focused on sparse yet active textures influenced by melodic implications.

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Vasco Furtado-drums

Salome Amend-vibraphone

Luise Volkmann-alto saxophone

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Label: Phonogram Unit
Catalog ID: PU6CD
Squidco Product Code: 34179

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Kreuzung St. Helena, Bonn, Germany, on January 20th, 2021, by Alfredo Ardia.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Aforismos is the debut album of a new trio featuring Cologne-based Portuguese drummer Vasco Furtado and German alto sax player Luise Volkmann and German with Wuppertal-based vibes player Salome Amend. The trio played together for the first time in a festival for improvised music and the second was already for a recording session that was totally improvised in Bonn in January 2021. Furtado is known for his collaborations with prolific Portuguese improvisers like sax players Albert Cirera and José Lencastre, double bass player Hernâni Faustino and guitarist Luís Lopes. Volkmann played live with Eve Risser, Satoko Fujii and Natsuki Tamura, Steve Beresford and Eivind Lønning. Amend has worked with Wuppertal's legend Peter Brötzmann and on interdisciplinary cultural cooperation in the fields of dance, art and literature.

It is clear from the first seconds Aforismos why this trio rushed into the studio. The trio has developed minimalist but highly suggestive dynamics that often are based on brief, introspective gestures. Volkmann's tone on the opening piece, "Folk Song" suggests echoes of Jan Garbarek's sax (who played Charlie Haden's song by the same name, with Haden and Egberto Gismonti on "Folk Songs", ECM, 1981). The rhythmic support of Furtdao and Amend is subtle yet colorful, stressing and expanding the sonorities of the whispering, fractured sax playing of Volkmann on the quiet "Mechanismus".

The 28-minute "Intuitions" demonstrated best the introverted, sparse dynamics of the trio. Furtado and Amend caress and ornament the ethereal melodic thread sketched by Volkmann, with soft, resonating percussive touches that add at first mysterious, ritualist aroma to this improvisation. But slowly Furtado and Amend shift the introspective interplay with subversive, enigmatic sounds and lead this piece into a playful, rhythmic coda. The following, 15-minute "Luft und Boden" distills this rhythmic vein into sparse but precise percussive touches that offer again a ritualist atmosphere, with Volkmann employing the sax keys to solidify this percussive effect. The last piece "Long Way Home" offers an almost silent, dreamscape made of stifled breaths and delicate, suggestive touches of the vibes and the skins of the drums."-Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

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Artist Biographies

Vasco Furtado: "Born in Lisbon in 1981.

Began his musical studies at age 14. Studied at the Seixal Jazz School and Jazz school Luís Villas -Boas/Hot Club de Portugal, where he finished the course in drums. Graduated in Environmental Biology at the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon in 2004. Later entered the Lisbon Superior School of Music, completing the course in Jazz, variant drums.

Participated in several national and international workshops where he had the opportunity to study with some of the best musicians in the world jazz scene : Jazz Workshop of Tavira, with Rez Abassi, Russ Lossing, Tony Moreno, among others ; Siena Jazz International Summer Workshop with Ambrose Akinmusire, Jeff Ballard, Avishai Cohen, Ben Street, among others .

During his study period began to actively participate in the Portuguese jazz scene, playing in different contexts and with different formations throughout the country .

In addition to this activity as " sideman " in different musical projects also participated in multi disciplinary projects , notably the composition and performance of a soundtrack for the animated film " Diary of an inspector 's record book " and conducting " in situ " of soundtracks for silent films .

Collaborated with the band O'questrada and with several rock bands / pop (Lemur , The Essay Collective and Loja das Conveniências )

Currently is working with the trio of pianist Daniel Hewson , "The Mingus Project ", led by bassist Nelson Cascais , the international collective "What about Sam" which has a scheduled edition for October by JACC Records , and JC Project, quintet led by saxophonist João Capinha , wich will edit their first album in mid-May .Also collaborates regularly with musicians like Victor Zamora, Jorge Reis, Ricardo Toscano, Roberto Negro, Luís Vicente, Federico Pascucci, André Santos , among others .

Is part of the resident trio in the jam sessions at the Cultural Collective "Bacalhoeiro".

Since October 2013 is drum teacher at the School of Arts of the Alentejo Litoral."

-Drawing Music By Hand (

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"Salome Amend is a drummer living in Wuppertal. She has close ties to the city, was born and raised there and completed her studies at the Cologne University of Music and Dance, Wuppertal. She studied solo, chamber music and instrumental pedagogy with Prof. Christian Roderburg, Matthias Haus and Mirek Pyschny. Her focus as an artist lies in new music, improvisation, electronic music and crossover projects.

Her passion is performing contemporary music. She practices it both as a soloist and in a wide variety of chamber music ensembles. In addition to participating in already established ensembles such as the notabu.ensemble NEUE musik and the ensemble 20/21, she founded the duo PS: Percussion with her drum colleague Pavel Beliaev in 2017. Through the various chamber music projects, Salome played in the Tonhalle Düsseldorf, De Bijloke Muziekcentrum Gent, De Doelen Rotterdam and at the Schumannfest 2019. She recorded productions for Deutschlandfunk with the ensemble 20/21. A concert tour through China with Tempus Loquendi took her to the renowned Beijing Modern Music Festival. She gave concerts through other projects at the Acht Brücken Festival Cologne in the Cologne Philharmonic and the Associations Festival in Wuppertal. Salome has performed as a soloist in, among others, the Sculpture Park, the ORT and the Historische Stadthalle in Wuppertal.

In the area of improvisation, Salome worked with artists such as Hauschka, Milton Camilo and Peter Brötzmann on interdisciplinary cultural collaborations in the fields of dance, art and literature. She is, among other things, active as a soloist in the free improvisation scene in Wuppertal and has already been heard at the Jazz Meeting Wuppertal and Sound of the City at the Wuppertal stages. With the electro series Amidala (MAUKE) and electric garden (KuKuNa) she was able to give space to her fascination for electronic music. Crossover projects took her to the Pina Bausch dance theater, the Grillo-Theater Essen and the tanzhaus NRW.

In 2019, Salome took part in the CD/DVD production "Alles ohne Strom" by Toten Hosen.

Salome Amend has been a lecturer at the Folkwang Music School in Essen since 2018 and has a teaching position at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal."

-Salome Amend Website (Translated by Google) (

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"Luise Volkmann is a young saxophonist and composer based in Cologne, Germany. She studied Jazz Saxophone in Leipzig (HMT) and Paris (CNSMdP) and Composition in Cologne (HfMT). She has lived and worked in Germany, France, Danemark and Brazil, and is constantly involved not only in music, but also in social and cultural organization.

As a musician she is working with contemporary composed and improvised music. Among others she has played concerts with Eve Risser, Sylvain Kassap, Satoko Fujii, Natsuki Tamura, Steve Beresford, Mia Zabelka, Jan Klare, Robert Landfermann, Lisa Mezzacappa, Eivind Lønning und Sylvaine Hélary.

In 2016 she has been invited beeing resident at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. 2017 she released her first debout album with the large ensemble Été Large. The CD was chosen by the german magazine "Die Zeit" as one of the best CDs in 2017. The radio station "BR Klassik" named her mixing of classical music and jazz "Kammer-Jazz".

In her three years living in Paris she cooperated with the most interesting musicians collectives such as Umlaut, COAX, Tricolectif and Collectif LOO. 2018 she realized several sound performances with the Goethe Institut Paris.

Her compositional works were first published at Editions Leduc in 2017. In 2019 she realized a work for the Bauhaus jubilee."

-Luise Volkmann Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Folk Song 4:39

2. Mechanismus 12:06

3. Intuitions 27:35

4. Luft Und Boden 15:46

5. Long Way Home 7:22

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Improvised Music
Free Improvisation
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