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Papenheim, Torsten: Hellerau <i>[Used Item]</i> (Creative Sources)

A percussive "Natchtprogramm" and a tonal "Syntax" from composer Torsten Papenheim, recorded in the studio in Cologne and Berlin, the former performed with trombonist Matthias Much, double bassist Achim Tang and pianist Philip Zoubek; the latter with Johannest Trondle (violincello) & Axel Haller (electric bass), then with Elena Kakaliagou (french horn) & Evi Filippou (percussion).

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Torsten Papenheim-composition

Matthias Muche-trombone

Achim Tang-bass

Philip Zoubek-piano

Johannes Trondle-cello

Axel Haller-bass

Elena Kakaliagou-french horn

Evi Filippou-percussion

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UPC: 5609063406948

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs694
Squidco Product Code: 33645

Format: CD
Condition: VG+
Released: 2021
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Tracks 1, 2 and 3 recorded at Stollwerck, in Cologne, Germany, by Robert Nacken.

Tracks 2 and 4 recorded at Audio Cue Tonlabor, in Berlin, Germany, by Rainer Robben.

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"I can never work out whether it's better to cut the chase with reviews or write a lengthy preamble. Some albums need the have a scene set. They need to let you know what you are getting yourself into, or the reason why there was a lengthy gap between releases. But is this really necessary? Do you care? Is all you are really interested in whether or not the album good or not? Possibly. So, for once, let me cut to the chase and give you what you want before I start to wax lyrically about why. Torsten Papenheim's latest album Hellerau is brilliant. Plain and simple.

There is something deep in its DNA that just works and is a joy to listen to. It isn't the most abrasive album. Nor the most abstract. Nor is it the most complex, but there is something about the sparseness of the playing, bockety time signatures and tones Papenheim gets that is captivating from start to finish. 'Nachtprogramm I' is filled with driving basslines, sonorous horns, and lopsided percussion. It is both structured and all over the shop at the same time. This juxtaposition works incredibly well. It gives you something to both latch onto and be confused by. As it progresses lopsided melodies present themselves, before collapsing under their own giddy movements. Like a toddler who has run around in circles too much and now is exhausted and dizzy. 'Syntax A' is an utter delight. All the way through it sounds like there is a ship in the distance, eclipsed by fog, that is making its way towards the harbour. It blasts his horn every few seconds to warn of its approach. At times other ships use their horns to show their position to it. It sets out its premise early on and sticks with it. This is effectively what happened for nine-minutes, but the song is far greater than these terse sentences. It is about movement, or lack of at times, and how this creates a vibrant dynamic. Or it is just a series of long horn blasts. Either way, it just works.

While listening to Hellerau I am transported into a Jim Jarmusch film that doesn't exist. In my head, I'm seeing pictures of people walking the desolate back streets of a busy metropolis. Going into dive bars to use the toilet and meeting characters that fuel the next stage of their saga. Taxi drivers picking up transients for free and endless cups of coffee being consumed while on a stakeout. It's all there in the wonky melodies and ad-hoc rhythms. I said it was brilliant."-NR, Vital Weekly

Artist Biographies

"The music of Berlin-based composer and guitarist Torsten Papenheim (*1980) is located somewhere between melody and noise - to be taken either as a combination or a counterpoint. His music can be heard on several records and during the recent years he played numerous concerts in Germany and all over Europe. As a performing musician Torsten Papenheim is active as soloist, with guitar-drums-duo rant and his quartet Tru Cargo Service. Besides that he has recently established two new groups: Karm (with Prague-based reeds player Michal Wróblewski) and a Duke-Ellington-project together with Daniel Kartmann, percussionist from Stuttgart. In his compositions Papenheim often works with unusual tunings and deliberately uses ambiguities to enable improvisational freedom in the interpretation of his works. From 2004 to 2016 he was running the CD label schraum."

-Torsten Papenheim Website (

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"Matthias Muche (D) trombone, born in 1972 lives in Cologne and works as musician and media artist. He studied trombone at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, in Rotterdam and at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Cologne with Bart van Lier, Henning Berg and Paulo Alvares and also audiovisual media with Anthony Moore at the academy of media arts cologne. Muche works in several formations, e.g. with the James Choice Orchestra, Das Mollsche Gesetz, Nils Klein Tentett, Schäl Sick Brass Band and with Mischa Mengelberg, Larry Ochs and Robyn Schulkowsky, having concert tours through Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


As media artist, Muche combines contemporary music with new media in his audiovisual works. his latest works were presented in bern, paris and during the Art Cologne. Together with Sven Hahne he has been Artistic Director of the FRISCHZELLE festival for Intermedial Performance since 2004. Furthermore he is founder member of ZEITKUNST, which is an association for the advancement and conveyance of audiovisual art."

-Timeart Ensemble Website (

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"Achim Tang was born in Berlin in 1958.early musical experiences playing recorder, trumpet, guitar and bassguitardouble bass since 1984classical training in Basel (with Walter Imholz) and Berlin (with RandallNordstr┐m)after 1987 studies with Wayne Darling at the Hochschule fčr Musik unddarstellende Kunst in Graz (Jazzdepartment). Graduated summa cumlaude.1993 until 2004 as a freelancing musician in Vienna/Austria.Collaborations with numerous musicians from various aesthetic backgrounds, invitations to many international festivals in Germany, France, USA, Korea, China, Scandinavia, Czech Republik, Poland and other countrys, many CD releases as a sideman, personal projects, compositions for dance, theater and film1998 bis 2001 part of the educational project "Klangnetze" in Vienna, led by professor Hans Schneider and the guitarist Burkhard Stangl.after 2004 in Cologne: intensification of the educational work. Different projects with children and teenagers based on own conceptions, awarded by the Sparda Stiftung and the local government of NRW. Yet continuous activities as a freelancing musician, founding member of the musicians cooperative ZAM e.V., collaboration with the new music network in cologne, interdiciplinary projects with national and international artists, incresing involvement in the issues of art and societyafter 2008 artistic director of the educational project "Grundschule mit Musikprofil Neue und Improvisierte Musik" for the Offene Jazzhausschule Cologne, conceptional and pedagogic cooperation with the educational program of the international moers festival, intense cooperation with the Hochschule fčr Musik und Tanz and the university of cologne (teaching assignments)in 2011 living in Moers as the 4th "Improviser In Residence" of the moers festival-Achim Tang Website (

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"Philip Zoubek (* 1978 in Tulln an der Donau ) is an Austrian pianist of the New Improvisation Music. A striking feature is his highly energetic play, the limits of the pianos, which also include preparation techniques and actions inside the instrument.

Zoubek studied piano at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna from 1996 onwards. He founded the Ubik quartet and took lessons with Uli Scherer before he enrolled at the Musikhochschule Vienna. In 2002 he moved to Cologne, where he studied with Hans Lüdemann, Frank Gratkowski and Marc Ducret. He founded the multimedia project Cauldron, with whom he won the composition competition of the bunker Ulmenwall Bielefeld and the cultural promotion award of the city of Herford; a DVD Q-Spektrum was created in 2003. With the group Snaut with Richard Koch (tp), Eric Schaefer (dr) and Christian Rainer (voice), he toured through Germany and Switzerland and became a prizewinner of the avant-garde competition for Young culture at the Düsseldorfer Altstadtherbst. Since 2004 he belongs to Achim Tang's Trio Torn, which performed successfully in 2011 in a quartet version at the Moers Festival. He was a member of the James Choice Orchestra ( Live at Moers, 2005), Ensemble Creativ, Org, Camera Obscura and the trio Muche / Zoubek / Tang. As a composer Philip Zoubek appeared with his own formation Philz. He also worked with Paul Lytton, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Ernst Glerum, Herb Robertson, Wilbert de Joode and Christian Thomé.

In 2008 he received the Horst and Gretl Will scholarship for Jazz / Improvised Music of the City of Cologne. Also in 2008 he founded the Trio Z3 with Benjamin Weidekamp and Christian Weber. The formation Z3 was born out of the idea of ​​the music of the Jimmy Giuffre -Trios of the 1960s."

-Wikipedia translated by Google (

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Johannes Tröndle: "Writer, musician and sound artist based in Vienna. Born 1981 in Hallein. Studied musicology in Vienna. Quit studying classical cello in Linz after one year to focus on a rather experimental approach, treating the whole body of the instrument as a generator for sounds and, especially, noises. Works with amplification and real-time-sampling. He publishes in literary journals (Freibord, Lichtungen, Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer, Zeitzoo), won Radio-ö1-writing-competition 2010, got a start-scholarship for literature of Austrian federal ministry 2010. He is member of Grazer Autorinnen Autoren Versammlung. Live-radio-play Urgroßvater was published in edition Audiobeans (2012). Co-founder of the electro-acoustic duos Inien, Nörz (with Andreas Trobollowitsch, since 2007), and Acker Velvet. Gave several concerts in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain. CD-releases on Schraum / Berlin (2009 + 2011) and Monotype Records / Warsaw (2012)."

-Monoskop (

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"Axel Haller (*1969) is a berlin based musician, who works mainly in the fields of improvised and experimental music. as a bass player he is exploring the sonic potential of the electric bass and has developed a very individual approach towards his instrument, including a unique bowing technique and working with several kinds of preparations and feedback drones.

he also incorporates found objects in his playing, usually without amplifying them, working with their own sounds, amplified only by the room itself. these objects might be made of wood, metal, plastic, glass and especially paper or cardboard, varying in size and structure.

current projects include inien (with johannes tröndle - cello), trio vopá (with roland spieth - trumpet & cornelius veit - guitar), attacca (with matthias müller - trombone & dave bennett - guitar) as well as the label schraum."

-Axel Haller Website (

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"Elena Margarita Kakaliagou is a greek-austrian french horn player and performer, currently based in Berlin. Starting out with piano lessons, she moved on to the French horn at the age of 18. After completing her studies in Athens/GR with Vangelis Skouras, she moved on to KUG-Graz/AT to continue her education under the teaching of Hector McDonald. Instructed by Erja Joukamo-Ampuja, Elena obtained her Master's degree from Sibelius Academy/FI in 2010 in French horn and chamber music. During her career, Elena has received scholarships from Klangforum, Impuls Academy and Ensemble Modern with teachers like Mike Svoboda and Bill Formann.

Elena's field of specialization is free improvised and contemporary music, next to classic chamber music. She has performed premiers with ensembles like Ensemble Linea, Schallfeld and KNM Berlin in Festivals like Ultraschall Berlin/DE, Maerz Music/DE, Randspiele/DE, Musica Nova/FI, Lá-bas/FI, Musica/FR, Warsaw Autumn/PL, New Adits/AT, Ultima/NY, Kaleidophon/AT, newadits/AT, Tour de Babel/FR, Sound Live Tokyo/JA ao. She has worked with individual artists as Riikka Innanen, Phill Niblock, James Andean, Ingrid Schmoliner, Katharina Klement, CC Hennix, Robin Hayward, Simon Martin, Matias Guerra, Thomas Noll, to name but a few.

Elena is the co-founder of the Helsinki-based 'Rank Ensemble', the Austrian trio 'PARA', the Duo Kakaliagou/Schmoliner, the Duo Guerra/Kakaliagou and is a member of Zinc & Copper, Zeitkratzer and the ensemble of CC Hennix."

-Elena Kakaliagou Website (

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"Evi Filippou (1993), started taking percussion lessons at the age of 7. With a scholarship from the Megaron-the Athens Concert Hall, she graduated the Conservatory of Volos (Excellent and first prize) and relocated to Berlin to study at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler (Bachelors and Masters graduation with honors).

In addition to performing with various orchestras and contemporary music ensembles all around Europe (a.o. Bolshoi Ballet Orchestra, Ensemble United Berlin), she performs solo classical and improvised music and collaborates with jazz and world music artists like Katerina Fotinaki (ff duet), Hayden Chisholm (Blowslap Duo), Chris Dahlgren (DAHLGREN) and Stefan Schultze (Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble).

She also works on live film music projects with dutch harpist Andrea Voets (musical journalism).

With her quintet inEvitable she plays her own compositions and arrangements.

Evi holds a strong presence in the music-theatre scene (founding member of "Opera Lab Berlin" ) regularly performing with various groups and theatre venues (a.o. Neue Werkstatt der Staatsoper Berlin, Hauen und Stechen Musiktheater Kollektiv).

She also teaches percussion group lessons as an instructor of "Vincentino e.V. - culture strengthens children in Berlin".

Based in Berlin, constantly researching the balance in the coexistence of composition and improvisation, precision and authentic personal expression."

-Evi Filippou Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Nachtprogramm I 8:25

2. Syntax A 9:12

3. Nachtprogramm II 1:19

4. Syntax B 8:42

5. Nachtprogramm III 8:02

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