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Cammisa, Edoardo: io_u,E (Sublime Retreat)

Understated and enigmatic, the work of Northern Italian sound artist Edoardo Cammisa, aka Banished Pills, presents a very short work on decay, and then two expanded sound works composed from synthesisers, spring reverb, microphones, field recordings, no-input mixing, organ & sampler; the environments are murky but with movement, and engaging in their dark evening ambiance.

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Label: Sublime Retreat
Catalog ID: SR007
Squidco Product Code: 33371

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: Poland
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold


Edoardo Cammisa-synthesisers, spring reverb, microphones, field recordings, no—input mixing, organ, sampler

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Although I am not entirely sure about this, the Polish label Sublime Retreat has the perfect name for the music they release. It is music for a retreat, for the listener to engage in some fine relaxing modus to do what they want to do. I had not heard of either musician here before, although we reviewed work that involved Edoardo Cammissa earlier, but under the banner of Banished Pills (Vital Weekly 1197). He has his label, Sounds Against Humanity. Unfortunately, his new CD is damn short, which is a great pity. He has two long tracks and one very short opening salvo. Cammisa uses "analogue synthesisers, spring reverb, microphones, field recordings, no-input mixing, organ, sampler".

The short piece is a study in decay, thirty-eight seconds long, but the other two aren't. These are highly mysterious affairs of field recordings and electronics on a subdued volume, with minimal development. Still, they hoover close to the ground over the passage of the fourteen minutes (more or less). I find this both mysterious and intriguing, and I see the music from Cammisa as part of the big family of musicians that work with lo-fi sound, offering all sorts of moods and textures. In this case, the music is subdued and quiet, all on the ambient side. Play this on a medium to low volume, and your space pleasantly fills with sound; play it is a bit louder, and there is a pleasant sort of unrest noticeable in the music, which made me enjoy the music even more. Undercurrents in the music now surface and make it all even more mysterious, I think. An excellent release this is, and its only shortcoming lie in the fact that it is so damn short. Another one or two of these excursions would have made perfect sense. [...]"-Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

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Artist Biographies

"Edoardo Cammisa is a northern-Italy based sound artist active since 2013 primarily known for his more emotion-driven project Banished Pills. His main interest is to explore the perspectives of the difficult relationship between sound and silence through digital tools and physical objects. His solo and collaborative works can be found on Line (US), Shimmering Moods Records (NL), Cathedral Transmissions (UK), Hemisphäreの空虚 (AU) and several other labels. He is collaborating with "Museo Alessandri" museum in Giaveno, Italy as soundtrack composer. In 2017, he founded the label Sounds Against Humanity, devoted to experimentalism and research-oriented concrète music."

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Track Listing:

1. (a):erase 00:37

2. i owe you, 13:35

3. E 14:57

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