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Hex and Doravideo: Multi (Wetware)

The core duo of Danish trance/noise artists, guitarist Lars Bech Pilgaard also on organelle & driftbox, and drummer Anders Bach, also on plumbutter (a drum and drama machine) join with Acid Mother's Temple modular synth wizard Ichiraku Yoshimitsu, aka Dora Video, for eight impressive works of free-form rhythm and sound, sonic collage with far-ranging influences.

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Label: Wetware
Catalog ID: WW019
Squidco Product Code: 33319

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: Denmark
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded by Jens Benz. Mastered by Angel Marcloid.


Ichiraku Yoshimitsu-eurorack modular synthesizer

Lars Bech Pilgaard-guitar, organelle, driftbox

Anders Bach-drums, plumbutter

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Danish trance-noise duo H E X teams up with Japanese modular-wizard DORAVIDEO (aka. Ichiraku Yoshimitsu) on their joint debut-album "Multi" which releases April 21st. After meeting at a venue in southern Japan in 2019, a future collaboration was planned.

Due to the madness of the corona-pandemic the first exchange happened in 2022, where H E X and DORAVIDEO recorded Multi and toured Denmark and Germany on a string of powerful trio shows enhanced by DORAVIDEOs intense laser-setup.

Multi is packed with mind-boggling free-form pieces spanning from noise-infested trance to abstract almost architectural sonic collages. H E X and DORAVIDEO weave the physicality of punk with the open-ended wastes of improvised noise. Instruments mutate and transform into a hivemind of intimate electronic madness and fiercely cascading pulses. Influences span far and wide from techno to dark ambient, post-metal to free-jazz, with a steady, beating heart for the cyclical and the occult."-Wetwear

Artist Biographies

Yoshimitsu Ichiraku (一楽儀光), aka Dora Video, is a Japanese keyboardist known for the groups Acid Mothers Dora★Miho, Acid Mothers Doravideo, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO, I.S.O., Kang Tae Hwan Trio, Kawabata Makoto & The Mothers Of Invasion, Nishinihon, Phantasmagoria, 静寂.

-Discogs (

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Lars Bech Pilgaard is a guitarist and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is known for the bands Bissebanden, H E X, Klimaforandringer, Lars Bech Pilgaards Slowburn, Laser Nun, Maskinvåd, Svin, and The Wøøøh.

-Discogs (

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"Anders Bach (b. 1989) is a Danish music-maker, writer, record producer and mixer. He works in his own studio in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

As a prominent artist and drummer on the Danish music scenes for the past 10+ years, Anders has been focusing on a distinct mix of intense percussion, frenetic electronics and destroyed melodies throughout his carreer. This has gained him national and international renown with both high profile pop acts and the experimental underground.

In recent years Anders' work as a record producer and mixer has intensified. Here he works with a broad range of genres within the experimental and independent, and has been a central part of many celebrated releases in the Danish underground. Furthermore, Anders works with installation-art and mixes and designs sound for interactive experiences.

Anders' writing and research is centered around aesthetics, community and automated music. He is a published writer for Bloomsbury and has many academic publications for international conferences within the electronic music field.

Anders currently performs live with GNOM, Sleep Party People, Luster, H E X feat. Ichiraku Yoshimitsu, Mø and Oh Land."

-Anders Bach Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Element1=False 9:55

2. DEC 4:57

3. Patheticverse 2:45

4. Robert Is True 5:43

5. The Prison Of Flesh 4:02

6. Supernal, Liminal, Space 5:26

7. A Dry Brain In A Dry Season 10:07

8. Slant 5:06

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Electroacoustic Composition
Sound, Noise, &c.
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Acid Mothers Temple
European Improvisation, Composition and Experimental Forms
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