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Allochtone: Plait-il? (Tour de Bras)

Organized by Miriodor drummer & composer Remi Leclerc, this experimental group features Canadian & European improvisers in a creative session with a sense of novelty and humor, from Pianist Andre Pelletier (Saint-Pascal), accordionist Robin Servant and guitarist Olivier D'Amours (Rimouski), bassist Alexandre Dubuc (Montreal) and saxophonist Cathy Heyden (Paris).

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Label: Tour de Bras
Catalog ID: tdb90067cd
Squidco Product Code: 33275

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: Canada
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Studio Desjardins at Camp musical Saint-Alexandre from April 25th to 28th, 2022, by Philippe Venne and Remi Leclerc.


Remi Leclerc-drums, percussion, wavedrum, record player, electronics

Cathy Heyden-saxophone, singing practice, objects, multiple effects

Alexandre Dubuc-bass, double bass, vocoder, electronics

Andre Pelletier-piano, keyboard, melodica, programming

Robin Servant-accordion, electronics

Olivier D'Amours-electric guitar

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Newly established in Sainte-Helene-de-Kamouraska, Remi Leclerc, musician, composer, percussionist, brings together a great team of improvisers for a recording session at studio at Camp musical Saint-Alexandre in April 2022. Pianist Andre Pelletier (Saint-Pascal), accordionist Robin Servant and guitarist Olivier D'Amours (Rimouski), bassist Alexandre Dubuc (Montreal) and saxophonist Cathy Heyden (Paris) answer the call.

The group Allochtone offers fascinating improvised experimental music, whose sounds seem to come from elsewhere. Listening to their music, we are transported to worlds unexplored sounds. The band members have developed a rare ability to use their instruments in an inventive way, creating new and surprising sounds. Their improvisations are rich in emotions, sound textures and surprises, we recalling that music is above all a form of artistic expression that transcends borders and cultures.

Indeed, the name Allochtone reflects the idea that the other, that is to say each individual who is different from us can be a source of enrichment and creativity. This collaborative approach is also reflected in their way of composing and to perform their music in concert. Group members listen to each other others, responding to each other's ideas and impulses, creating moments of pure spontaneity and musical magic."-Tour de Bras (translated by Google)

Artist Biographies

"Self-taught musician, percussionist, composer and cofounder of the groups of new music Miriodor and Papa Boa, Rémi Leclerc is often invited to occupy the drummer seat for his creative sensitivity. He is at present active within the formations Jeszcze Raz, l'Orkestre des Pas Perdus, Les Projectionnistes and the band of Thomas Hellman. He also collaborated with many artists, the most known being: Robert Charlebois, Michel Faubert and Marie-Jo Thériault. He also played for the theater company Carbon 14, la P' tite Fanfare, the many projects of André Duchesne (Diésel, Locomotive, L' or 'L and The 4 guitars of the Apocalypso-bar) and Trafic d'Influence."

-Filles Eletriques (

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"Cathy Heyden is a French self-taught saxophonist, free improviser, and music educator. Before joining European avant-garde scene, Heyden had been professionally involved in theatrical and dance performance, carrying academic studies on these topics. Currently based in Paris, Cathy Heyden teaches at CFMI d'Orsay and has a forthcoming solo debut album, Badlands, co-released by Universinternational / 213 Records in 2017. In 1998, she joined Pagaille improvisation orchestra in Nancy, created by Louis-Michel Marion and René Le Borgne, and played with Jean-Marc Montera, Sophie Agnel, Laurent Dailleau, Dominique Clément (3) and Françoise Toullec in this ensemble. Cathy Heyden worked with improvisers, dancers, visual artists and actors in Nancy and Toulouse (Michel Doneda, Lê Quan Ninh, Martine Altenburger, Fabrice Charles, Ly Thanh Tiên, David Chiesa), and explored Parisian scene in collaboration with Hervé Zénouda, Dante Feijoo, Jean-Luc Degioanni, Sébastien Branche, Ensemble Intercontemporain and other notable performers. Cathy's network of connections soon expanded across Europe, through collective work with Italian musicians Jacopo Andreini and Fabio Bello, as well as Liba Villavecchia and Artur Vidal from Spain, and reaching all the way to Japan (Kumi Iwase, Trami Nguyen). She joined Urban Sax on one of the world tours. Throughout her career, Heyden organized numerous ensembles, including duos A Rose is a Rose with Didier Lasserre and Musique pour pupitres & ustensiles with Olivier Bartissol, GHK Trio with Béatrice Godeau (cello) and Judith Kan (voice), and spoken word/music trio As I Die (Erell Latimier - voice, texts; Olivier Brisson - drums). She also worked extensively with a drummer Rogier Smal, and performed with Maelstrom - Jean-Philippe Gross' project with Arnaud Paquotte on electric bass and Michel Oury on drums. In 2006, Cathy Heyden joined electroacoustic improviser Jean-Marc Foussat and saxophonist Sylvain Guérineau in Quod - an expanded formation of their duo Aliquid. Together with Jean-Luc Cappozzo on trumpet, Quod debuted with a live concert at Olympic Café. Heyden continued working with Foussat in Mezza Vocce quartet, which combined her and Jean-Marc's music with video/text projections by Adeline Hocdet and Fanny Richert. Mezza Vocce produced BonPiet Beauneuille children's show, inspired by works of Jean Dubuffet. Some of her recent appearances include a concert at La Générale En Manufacture, Sèvres with Yves Botz's freeform noise duo Mesa Of The Lost Women and trumpeter Jac Berrocal in May 2009. The same year, at Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst, guitarist and videographer Uwe Bastiansen invited Cathy to join him on stage with The Flexible Orchestra (2), which featured Werner Diermaier (drums), Geoff Leigh (flute), Diego Vinciarelli (drums) and Fritz Müller (keyboards). She also worked with Bastiansen under his Stadtfisch alias, and participated in Stadtfischflex recording sessions."

-Metason (

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André Pelletier is a musician from Québec, Canada, known for the groups Éléphantine, and Hôtel Morphée.

-Discogs (

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"Robin Servant [Rimouski, Canada] is a musician with a passion for traditional musics, improvisation, and composition. He has worked in many traditional ensembles (Trio Salicorne, Tord-Vis, la Baratte à Beurre, la Marée montante) and also in improvised music groups (GGRIL, duo Escarbilles, Brugir). He tries to make connections between popular traditions and contemporary musics. His work is organized around 2 axes: sharing the experience and experiencing the moment. With Du souffle et de l'espace, he explores the acoustics of the places he visits by making them vibrate with his accordion and electronics."

-International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (

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"Olivier D'Amours is a guitarist, audio artist and sound performer living in Rimouski. His musical influences range from rock to jazz through noise and modern music. He specializes in tailor-made effects chains for each project, in alternative tunings as well as in sound synthesis in video. He is part of the Large Regional Group of Improvised Music (Vivaces, Combines, Gestes), of the duo Les Monocytes (Spirospatial, Deer Island) and is a founding member of the Montreal noise collective La Forêt Rouge (Cassette, Hors de tout doubt reasonable, Hors of any unreasonable doubt, and if there is any doubt)."

-Supermusiqu (

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Track Listing:

1. eut-elle Ete 6:11

2. Rouge 4:30

3. Comme Une Banane 3:33

4. Decomposee 8:04

5. Dans Une Cour A Scrap 3:55

6. Je Voudrais 5:44

7. Vivre 7:57

8. Amoureux 4:46

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