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Kravanja, Ana / Elisabeth Harnik

Vrtinci Minljivosti = Vortices Of Impermanence

Kravanja, Ana / Elisabeth Harnik: Vrtinci Minljivosti = Vortices Of Impermanence (Creative Sources)

The working duo of Slovenian violinist Ana Kravanja and Austrian pianist Elisabeth Harnik present nine dialogs of freely improvised playing that draws on contemporary composition, using their primary instruments along with preparations, objects, frame drums, voice and ringing stones, a mood of tense mystery and wonder pervading their excellent and unusual discourse.

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UPC: 5609063407679

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: CS767
Squidco Product Code: 33228

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded in Cankarjev Dom, Vrhnika, Slovenia, in October, 2022, by Jernej Babnik Romaniuk.


Ana Kravanja-violin, viola, voice, frame drums, objects

Elisabeth Harnik-piano, objects, ringing stones

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Since last year, Slovenian violinist/violist/vocalist Ana Kravanja and pianist Elisabeth Harnik, based in Graz, Austria, have been playing together as a duo. Vrtinci Minljivosti (Vortices of Impermanence), recorded in October 2022 in Slovenia, is their debut album; although it documents their collaboration at a relatively early stage, it gives evidence of a chemistry that already feels well-developed.

Kravanja is an experimental artist with a broad range of interests; in addition to her work with Harnik both in duet and as a trio with the addition of Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, plays in the folk-rooted, acoustic-improvised trio Širom. On Vortices of Impermanence her folk and traditional influences move to the background in favor of a highly contemporary sound crafted from extended string techniques and a late modern sensibility of tightly coiled emotional dynamics. Harnik, for her part, complements and amplifies this side of Kravanja's playing by contributing a pianism informed by the more experimental currents of contemporary composition and free improvisation.

The album contains nine tracks jointly credited to both Kravanja and Harnik. The first track, "Zavito v skrivnost (Veiled in Mystery)" introduces the set with the skitterings of percussion and prepared piano played directly on the strings, eventually joined by pressure-bowed and pizzicato violin. This piece, with its blend of pitched and unpitched sounds, captures in microcosm much of what follows. "Prebivalci z druge strani (Dwellers of the Other Side)" opens with sparsely played piano notes and chords allowed to linger and fade before seguing into more assertive, repeated motifs layered over tapped and rattled metal percussion. The tentatively paced "Sledi pušcavnika (Hermit Footsteps)" features Kravanja's violin heard from a variety of angles: through tremolo bowing, harmonics, and brittle overtones. The album culminates in "Semena resnice (Seeds of Truth)", a suspenseful, minimal soundscape of fragmentary piano and harshly elemental violin."-Daniel Barbiero, Percorsi Musicali

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Artist Biographies

"Ana Kravanja is a member of the music group Širom, where she plays on a multitude of traditional, classic and hand-made musical instruments.She creates original music for theatrical performances, films, animations, narratives, poetry, dance and visual arts. In 2013, she conceived the Glacies project in which musicians play on shelves from refrigerator. Between 2012 and 2016, in the duo Najou with Sam Kutin, she created music for fourteen calinbas and recorded two records. She is one tenth of Olfamoštvo. As an improviser on the violin, she collaborated with numerous Slovene and foreign musicians and dancers: Samo Kutin, Tomaž Grom, Irena Tomažin, Vid & Jošt Drašler, Andrej Fon, Ina Puntar, Tea Vidmar, Tijana Stankovic, Noid, Matija Schellander, Susanna Gartmayer, Aleksandar Škorić, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Henrik Olsson, Raphael Roginski, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Lotus Edde Khouri etc.

She has co-created several events within projects of the Sploh Institute, such as: in the context of the Confine aperto, Zvokotok and Neforma series, RR public presentation, Sound Disobedience festival and international tour. Her contributions can also be heard on the Sound Disobedience album, released in 2011 by Sploh in co-production with L'innomable. A recording of her solo concerts is a part of the iMstrument collection."

-Sploh (

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"Elisabeth Harnik, free-lance composer and pianist, was born 1970 in Graz and lives in Gams (County of Styria/Austria). She studied classical piano and later - with Beat Furrer - composition at what is now the Univer sity of Music and Performing Arts, Graz.

The "repertoire" and it's extensions in composition and improvisation is her central focus. Harnik works within an electro-acoustic inspired sound-world, using unique preparations and extended techniques.

Performances include: Easterfestival Graz 2002, Hörfest Graz 2003/04/05, Styrian Chamber Music Festival 2003, Klangmühle Orth an der Donau 2005, Munich Ope ra Festival 2006, Mozart- Year Vienna 2006, Paul Hofhaimer Musiktage 2006, Composers' Forum Mittersill 2008, Haydn Year 2009, Festival 4020 Linz 2009, Sou ndings Festival London 2010, Opera Graz, Musikprotokoll/Steirischer Herbst 2011, E_MAY Festival Vienna 2011/2012, Klangspuren Schwaz 2012, Transart Festiv al Bozen 2012, Wien Modern 2013, Estonian Harpsichord Society Festival 2014, A udio ArtFestival Pula 2014 a.o.

She has worked with renowned artists and ensembles such as the Ensemble Zeitfluss Graz, the Ensemble 09 Linz, the Ensemble MusikFabri kSüd, the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, the Klangforum Vienna, the Ensemb le "die reihe" Vienna, the Ensemble Kontrapunkte Vienna, the ensemble Reconsil Vienna, the Ensemble PHACE Vienna, the Ensemble Platypus Vienna, the Hay dn-Trio-Eisenstadt, the Trio AMOS Vienna, the Trio EIS Vienna, the Thürmchen Ens emble Cologne, the Fidelio Trio London, the Cantus Ensemble Zagreb, the Ensemble mise-en New York and various national and international soloists.

She received a great number of rewards and prizes, most recently she was Artist in Residence at the OMI International Arts Center New York 2010 and Composer in Residence 2013 at the IZZM in Ossiach/Austria. In addition to her work as composer she appears as improvisator at various national and international festivals such as the V:NM-Festival, the Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon, the Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen, the Artacts Festival St. Johann, the Music Unlimited Festival Wels, the Soundgrube Vienna, the Comprovise Festival Cologne, the Beethoven Fest Bonn, the A L'ARME! Festival Ber lin, the Jazz & More Festival Sibiu, the Alpenglow Festival London, the All Ears Festival Oslo, the Umbrella Music Festival Chicago, the Okka Fest Milwaukee, the Musi cacoustica Beijing, the SoundOut Festival Canberra/AUS a.o."

-Elisabeth Harnik Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Zavito V Skrivnost = Veiled In Mystery 10:50

2. Okostja Krhkosti = Skeletons Of Fragility 9:42

3. Prebivalci Z Druge Strani = Dwellers Of The Other Side 4:45

4. Sledi Puscavnika = Hermit Footsteps 2:45

5. Pod Urokom Polza = Hexed By A Snail 3:40

6. Prehajanje = Passing Through 9:19

7. Nauportus = Nauportus 6:24

8. Leti! = Fly! 3:49

9. Semena Rescine = Seeds Of Truth 4:30

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