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La Casa, Eric

Barrieres Mobiles [CD + 40pg BOOKLET]

La Casa, Eric: Barrieres Mobiles [CD + 40pg BOOKLET] (Swarming)

A series of sound impressions and an audio documentary of metal barriers placed at entrances to public buildings after the coordinated 2015 Paris attacks by ISIS; 29 compositions recorded and mixed between 2018-2023 by Eric La Casa, wondering what the barriers protected Parisians from, and answering the question of what Paris sounds like to the barriers themselves.

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CD in cardstock slip case inside a 40 page full color 15cm x 15 cm book of images or metal barriers, all packaged in a brown envelope.

Label: Swarming
Catalog ID: 014
Squidco Product Code: 33178

Format: BOOK + CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: France
Packaging: CD w/ 40 Page Book
Recorded at Parc La Villette, in Paris, France, 2018 to 2022.


Eric La Casa-field recordings, concept

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Following the 2015 attacks, all entrances to public buildings - schools, churches, mosques, synagogues, museums, town halls, police stations, etc. - were reinforced by these metal barriers, without any prior consultation with local residents nor with their being given any indication of how long they would remain in place. The public space has been covered with these barriers, which, over the last decade, summer and winter, day and night, have become the symbols of low-noise security in everyday life.


While the issue of security was part of my initial enquiry - what and who are we protecting ourselves from ? are we protected by these barriers? - I was particularly interested in hearing how these objects themselves perceive the city, particularly the Parc de La Villette. As a result I opted for a pair of contact mics, specifically to record how the environment was transmitted inside their steel structure. If theirresonance was my main subject of attention, I also sought to hear how the wind made them sound, by setting them in motion.

Without being too exhaustive, I present an édition raisonnée of a series of sound impressions, documentary and - perhaps - musical, to share this other way of listening to the city and my daily life."-Eric La Casa

CD in cardstock slip case inside a 40 page full color 15cm x 15 cm book of images or metal barriers, all packaged in a brown envelope.

Artist Biographies

"968: Born in Tours, France.
1987-91: Studied history of art (University of La Sorbonne, Paris).
1988: Starting sound experiments.

Since 1991: Sound artist.

(award: Festival "Soundscape before 2000")

- tape music composer
A research based on the landscape, its sound substances, its inner language, within a sensitive listening of the world.
[7 solo CDs, many CDs compilations : Japan, Germany, Taiwan, usa...]
+ Previous releases CD:
L'empreinte de l'ivresse (Digital Narcis Ltd, Japan), The Stone of the Threshold (The Ground Fault, Usa).
+ New CD (October 2000): Les Pierres du seuil part 4-7.

- "sound plastician"
(sound environments and installations: Clepsydre, Chute, mi-lieu...)
A research dedicated to the concept: the place - the sound/one place - one work.

- radio producer

(sound essays for the national radio program ACR-France Culture)
New work: Vent sur Ecoute (dedicated to the wind).
Work in progress: Ward Weis (a portrait of this sound artist).

Since 1996: Journalist for the french magazine of new musics: Revue et Corrigée.

Interviews with Pierre Marietan, Claude Schryer, Eric Cordier, Yann Paranthoën, Cédric Peyronnet, René Farabet, Slavek Kwi, Jocelyn Robert, Jean-Luc Guionnet,...
1989-1998: Director of La Légende des voix (label of experimental music).

10 releases (Arsenije Jovanovic, Jim O'Rourke, Syllyk, ...)"

-Kunstradio (

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Track Listing:

1. Paysage (Part 1) I 2:30

2. Paysage (Part 1) II 1:51

3. Paysage (Part 1) III 2:59

4. Paysage (Part 1) IV 3:00

5. Paysage (Part 1) V 2:45

6. Paysage (Part 1) VI 1:46

7. Paysage (Part 1) Silence 0:10

8. Des Evenements (Part 2) I 1:46

9. Des Evenements (Part 2) II 1:13

10. Des Evenements (Part 2) III 0:57

11. Des Evenements (Part 2) IV 2:19

12. Des Evenements (Part 2) V 1:42

13. Des Evenements (Part 2) VI 1:16

14. Des Evenements (Part 2) Silence 0:20

15. Jours De Vents (Part 3) I 4:27

16. Jours De Vents (Part 3) II 1:37

17. Jours De Vents (Part 3) III 1:41

18. Jours De Vents (Part 3) IV 1:33

19. Jours De Vents (Part 3) V 2:23

20. Jours De Vents (Part 3) VI 2:02

21. Jours De Vents (Part 3) VII 2:00

22. Jours De Vents (Part 3) VIII 1:20

23. Jours De Vents (Part 3) IX 2:29

24. Jours De Vents (Part 3) X 3:55

25. Jours De Vents (Part 3) Silence 0:30

26. Une Douce Agitiation (Part 4) I 2:12

27. Une Douce Agitiation (Part 4) II 1:51

28. Une Douce Agitiation (Part 4) III 2:11

29. Une Douce Agitiation (Part 4) IV 2:29

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